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weBoost’s #NYFW Backstage Pass

Nicholas Jones | February 9, 2017

Among the glamour and chaos of New York Fashion Week, there is a force behind the entire operation that can’t be seen with the eyes – unless you’re looking at the bars on a cell phone.

Fashion Week is an event that brings an international audience to New York City to view and share trendsetting styles for the season. Mobile connectivity is absolutely crucial to the success of NYFW, whether it’s event organizers making phone calls or celebrities tweeting from the front row.

weBoost provides solutions for homes and vehicles, but our commercial line, WilsonPro, provides systems that improve cell signal for larger spaces. Examples of this are hospitals, hotels and this month, the busiest venue at New York Fashion Week.

The Skylight Clarkson Square venue has three galleries that are hosting over 50 shows, including big names like Oscar de la Renta, Vivienne Hu and Badgley Mischka. Before this week it was nearly impossible to successfully make a phone call inside the building.

Dominic Kaffka, vice president of creative and production for IMG Fashion, said events are much different than when he started working with IMG years ago.

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“Now if you enter a fashion show or if you watch our fashion shows on live stream you will see everyone snapchatting, Instagramming, Facebooking,” Kaffka said. “That’s very exciting because fashion is now accessible live to everyone worldwide.”

Kaffka said when planning began for Fashion Week he couldn’t make phone calls or send emails in the building, which was originally built as a loading dock for trains. Poor cellular signal can be caused by many factors. In IMG’s case it was brick, cement and steel enclosing the venue. He said it is crucial to be in contact with his team all the time.

“I need to be online, especially for a busy event week for 20 hours a day,” Kaffka said. “It is super important for us because if we are disconnected we cannot operate our events.”

Now important show communication and countless tweets, texts and snaps are being sent thanks to the same technology that can be found in a booster like the weBoost Home 4G.

Steve Klingensmith, of systems installation specialist RCS Wireless, was approached by IMG, the company that organizes NYFW, to make clear calls and good data speeds a possibility at Skylight.

After an expedited installation lasting just a week, Klingensmith said event organizers and executives have been very pleased with the improved signal giving them the ability to make phone calls without interruption, where only days before they had to step outside to have clear reception.

“Now we are seeing smiles on their faces, where before it was only concern,” Steve said. “Everyone’s been really happy.”