What Does a Cell Phone Signal Booster Do?

There are a few factors that contribute to a poor cell phone signal:

Given the number of ways in which cell phone signals can go bad, it’s hardly surprising how often mobile users in America confront the problem of a weak or poor quality signal.

A cell signal booster addresses this problem by capturing existing signals and amplifying them through transmitters installed inside a particular home, office, or vehicle. With the right cell signal booster come considerable benefits:

Cell phone signal boosters are certainly worth the cost if you need help compensating for a poor or weak signal. The question remains, which particular booster will be best for your needs? A crucial part of this question is the specific type of booster you choose.

What’s the Difference Between Single Carrier and Multi-Carrier Signal Boosters?

One cause of weak signal is interference from competing cell phone signals. The FCC works to restrict the possibility of this happening, which leads to certain restrictions on the parameters of signal boosters.

The kind of signal booster that works with multiple mobile carriers is likely to amplify cell phone signals across the range of cellular band frequencies. To avoid interference, the strength (or gain) of multiple-carrier boosters is restricted to between 64 and 72dB. For use in a vehicle, the limit is 50dB.

A different kind of signal booster is designed to work with a single carrier at a time. This involves a sacrifice in versatility. If you need to amplify signals from multiple carriers for different users, a single-carrier booster won’t be sufficient. If everyone in your home or office is on the same carrier, then the restrictions on strength for a single-carrier booster are different. In a home or office space, the upper limit is 100dB, while mobile or vehicle use has an upper limit of 65dB.

If you don’t mind a certain trade-off in versatility, then a single-carrier cell signal booster can provide you with stronger amplification. But for most users, a multi-carrier signal booster will prove more efficient and flexible in the long term.

The Best 3G Cell Phone Signal Booster

There are still plenty of options on the market for the cellular user looking to get the most out of their 3G network before the transition to the modern 5G standard is complete. Consistently placing near the top of any list of the highest quality, most popular, and most affordable signal booster solutions is the weBoost Home MultiRoom. An affordable and efficient solution for the small to medium home, the MultiRoom booster delivers an ideal balance of amplification strength, versatility, and ease of installation and maintenance.

This is just one of many cell phone signal boosters provided by weBoost. Contact us today to get a more complete picture of our solutions or to get expert advice on the best option for your needs.



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