What the tech media say about eqo Booster

Nicholas Jones | March 23, 2016

Updated April 26, 2016

eqo Home Cell Booster. Antenna, left, and main unit. The main unit is placed wherever cell signal is strongest. The antenna is placed where stronger signal is most needed.


Last week marked a big milestone for us a weBoost. On April 11 we launched the eqo Home Cell Booster. The eqo (pronounced “echo”) isn’t just a new weBoost product – it’s a new kind of cell phone signal booster.

What makes the eqo different is a simplfied design that lets pretty much anyone boost poor cell signal in their home by up to 32x in seconds. We think that’s pretty cool. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

We let dozens of reviewers have a pre-launch sneak peek at eqo Booster because we wanted to know what they thought about it.

Does eqo Booster really live up to our claims of performance and ease of use? No doubt about it.

Reviewers were impressed with eqo’s signal boosting power, fast and simple set up, and excellent value. Below are a few quotes from reviewers and links to their published reviews, as well as a couple of unboxing videos.

View any or all to see what third-party reviewers had to say about eqo Booster.

Ease of Set Up

“… there’s no exaggeration to weBoost’s claims that it takes just a minute to get up and running. Anyone can do this, even with little or no knowledge of antennas and cell boosters.” – Read more at TechnoBuffalo


“. . . it simply plugs in and you’re good to go. And what’s great about this is you can move it to any room you want in the house.”  Tech of Tommorow – Watch full video above.


Signal Boosting Performance


You can see at the worst area of my house I had a -111 (signal). Once the booster was on I had a -85. So you’re (boosting signal by) 30 decibels right there.” Galaxy Tech Review – Watch full video above



“(eqo Booster) will likely pay for itself by increasing your connectivity capabilities immensely.” – Read more at Trendhunter.com