Wilson Signal Booster Bolsters 4G Signal Strength

weBoost | October 28, 2013

Happy Monday! Check out this article from Commercial Integrator about our new CI 2070–

Shoddy cell phone service is a major source of frustration for many people. Within this annoyance is an opportunity for installers to restore reception problems.

The CI 2070 is capable of improving cell phone reception within large buildings and is only available to dealers that are a part of the Wilson Certified Installer (WCI) network.

The Skinny: Wilson Electronics manufactures a variety of cell phone signal boosters, and its new CI 2070 indoor booster solves reception issues in buildings up to 80,000-square feet. Wilson says the CI 2070 bolsters 4G and older generations of cellular networks.

The Specs: The CI 2070 is about the size of a small textbook and weighs less than three pounds. Wilson says the product delivers up to 75dB in gain and more than 600 milliwatts of output power. The CI 2070 can be combined with any number of Wilson’s antenna products, and like its other products, Wilson points out the CI 2070 is fully compliant with FCC regulations.

Solutions: The CI 2070 can be used for commercial and large residential applications to improve cell phone signal quality.

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