Wireless Wednesday–Foursquare Rolls Out First Ads

weBoost | July 25, 2012

This week for “Wireless Wednesday” we’re talking about Foursquare rolling out its first ever round of ads! Since I am such huge foursquare fan, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by today’s announcement made by the location based social media app. To learn more about these ads, and see what they mean for you as the foursquare user, see the article by @Mashable pasted below–

“Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr have all gotten into the “Promoted” game — launching advertising products called “Promoted Tweets” and “Highlighted Posts” that offer businesses additional exposure for their content. On Wednesday, Foursquare is joining them with the launch of “Promoted Updates,” its first paid product offering for merchants.

Last week, Foursquare began allowing business owners to send local updates — say, their specials for the day, or a picture of their new outdoor seating area — to their “best customers” when they’re nearby. “Best customers” are those who check in frequently, and possibly have “Liked” the venue on Foursquare.

Now, businesses can aim those updates at users who aren’t their best customers, but could be. The ads are designed to target users whose friends frequently stop by, who have added that venue to one of their Foursquare lists, or who are often visiting similar venues in that neighborhood. These ads aren’t intrusive: They’re confined entirely to the “Explore” tab.

Foursquare is rolling out Promoted Updates and Promoted Specials with a handful of large chains, including Gap, Old Navy, Hilton, JC Penney, Best Buy and Walgreens, as well as some smaller enterprises. The other 1 million merchants registered on Foursquare will be able to advertise through Promoted Updates “in the coming months,” a spokesperson said.”

Are you a foursquare fan? Do you think that ads will hinder your experience while using the app? Why or why not? Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or by visiting us on Facebook/Twitter.

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