"Wireless Wednesday"–How Boosting Cell Signals Can Boost Business

weBoost | July 3, 2013

This week we’re taking a look at an article our very own CEO, Bob Van Buskirk, wrote about how boosting cell signals can boost business. Take a look at the article from @CorpMagazine posted here–

“Competition drives business. If we aren’t competitive, we quickly fall behind competitors and will likely become irrelevant. And perhaps no technology impacts our ability to remain competitive more than cellular communication. Consider that there are almost 28 million small and medium sized businesses in the United States, and according to a report conducted by Harris Interactive and Bank of the West, 88 percent of them use cell phones for business. And of that number, CTIA research states that 45 percent of them say cell phones are essential.

Of course, you don’t need statistics to understand how vital cell phones are to business. If you’re like most of us, you live it in your professional and personal life. We all rely on our cellular devices daily, inside the office and out, for both voice and data.

Unfortunately, weak or spotty cell service can occur almost anywhere, especially in office buildings, and a lost or weak signal can result in frustration and missed business opportunities.

It’s widely understood that cell service can be unreliable in rural or outlying areas because of distance from the nearest cell tower, but this is hardly the only cause of a faint signal. Hills and other terrain features, or even trees and vegetation, can also block or weaken signals, leaving many suburban customers with inadequate coverage.

And even in urban areas like New York City or San Francisco that are well covered by cellular networks, construction materials, particularly concrete, steel, and window films used to increase energy efficiency and reduce sun glare, will often block a signal from getting inside where it’s needed.Cellular signal boosters provide an easy and inexpensive solution for businesses to boost cellular signals and improve connection quality inside offices, cars and homes.

What’s a Cellular Signal Booster? Cellular boosters take a weak signal – sometimes one that’s even too faint for a cellular device or handset to detect – and amplify it to a strong, reliable signal level.”

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