Wireless Wednesday–People Want Faster Mobile Web Experience

weBoost | August 8, 2012

This week for “Wireless Wednesday” we wanted to discuss an article with a topic we found to be quite interesting–how consumers feel about mobile surfing.

It seems these days that almost everyone has a smartphone, and with that smartphone comes the need/want to surf online. But not only do people want to access the internet on their phones, they want to do it quickly and efficiently. I think it would be safe to say that people want to be on their phones, but they don’t want the experience to be any less effective just because they’re using a smartphone/tablet instead of a computer.  Check out what the article featured on MediaPost.com had to say on the subject–

“Even though people make accommodations for [using] a tablet or smartphone, over time those [accommodations] for differences will begin to shrink,” Aoki tells Marketing Daily. “People don’t care what kind of device they’re [using], they’re trying to get something done or get some information.”

According to a study conducted by Keynote Services, people are disappointed with the speed it takes to load a Web site on their mobile phones or tablets. Two-thirds of consumers surveyed for the study cited “Web pages being too slow to load” as their leading frustration with the mobile Web, according to Don Aoki, senior vice president of professional services at Keynote Competitive Research.

“Mobile consumers have options on how they can access and consume their digital content,” Aoki says. “For brands, it’s critical to integrate and develop mobile strategies that are viable across multiple types of mobile devices.”

What do you guys think of this study? Do you agree with those polled in that you are dissapointed with the speed it takes to load certain pages online when using a smartphone/tablet? Or do you expect a slower experience if you aren’t using a computer to get online? Let us know in the comments section below, or on Twitter/Facebook.

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