Wireless Wednesday–Report: LTE subscribers use more data in over-the-top content apps

weBoost | August 1, 2012

In the wireless world, 4G is all the rage! So, this week for “Wireless Wednesday” we’re talking about a recent report via @FierceWireless concerning data usage rates as it pertains to 4G. See an excerpt of the article pasted below to learn more–

“U.S. LTE Android smartphone customers use more data on over-the-top applications such as Netflix and Hulu than their non-LTE peers, according to a new research report, giving credence to the notion that subscribers with a faster connection and lower latency will consume more data.

The study, conducted by Informa Telecoms & Media and Mobidia, a mobile data solutions vendor, found that most customers using the applications–Dropbox, Hulu, Netflix and YouTube–did so using Wi-Fi connections. However, the overall data consumption from these apps was consistently higher among LTE subscriber than non-LTE customers.

For example, the data traffic for LTE customers using Netflix was 1.6 GB, double the roughly 800 MB observed for non-LTE Netflix users. The difference for the other applications between LTE and non-LTE subscribers was not nearly as large, but LTE users consistently used more data on average than non-LTE customers. The report concluded that wireless customers are no longer confining their traffic to Wi-Fi if they are able to access LTE.”

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