Wireless Wednesday–Wilson Electronics Obtains Industry’s First In-Vehicle 4G Cellular Signal Booster Certification from FCC

weBoost | March 26, 2014

Wilson Electronics (www.wilsonelectronics.com), manufacturer of North America’s top-selling line of cellular signal boosters, announces two in-vehicle 4G boosters have been certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to the new 2014 signal booster technical standards.

The Mobile 4G and the Sleek 4G comprise the only two certified 4G signal boosters currently available for vehicles in the U.S. User benefits include fewer dropped calls or lost connections, fewer “dead zones,” faster data downloads, clearer voice quality and improved cellular device battery life.

“These two new models represent the next generation of Wilson Electronics’ most popular mobile signal boosters,” said Chris Rutherford, VP of sales and marketing for Wilson Electronics. “They are the only FCC-certified units on the market that will boost all cell signals, including 4G, inside a vehicle. As mobile communications technologies continue to evolve, Wilson Electronics is committed to making cellular signal enhancement products of the highest quality and performance standards available to consumers.”

Simple to install, the Mobile 4G and the Sleek 4G work with all cellular devices and U.S. service providers (except Clearwire). The Sleek 4G is shipping now, and the Mobile 4G will be available in early April.

The Mobile 4G accommodates voice and data connections across multiple carriers simultaneously with no physical connection to the cellular device. The Mobile 4G system delivers the FCC’s maximum allowed gain, or signal enhancement level, of 50 decibels (dB).

The Sleek 4G features a patented all-in-one design, which incorporates the signal booster, antenna and a convenient phone cradle in a single unit. The Sleek 4G measures just 2.25 by 4.25 by 2.5 inches (5 x 9.5 x 5.6 cm), weighs only 2.5 ounces (71 grams) and can be installed in minutes.

Like all Wilson Electronics signal boosters, these models feature SmarTech III™ cell site protections, which prevent the possibility of interference with cellular networks. The SmarTech III techniques were developed and refined by Wilson Electronics engineering and product development teams over more than a decade of research and development.

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