Wireless Wednesday–Wireless executives: If I were starting over in the industry

weBoost | August 15, 2012

This week for “Wireless Wednesday” we’re taking a look at an article featured on FierceWireless.com. The article “Wireless executives: If I were starting over in the industry” features our very own COO Joe Banos. See what he had to say in the excerpt below–

Wireless industry executives have to make numerous decisions every day on everything from business costs and capital spending to which devices to carry and what partnerships to strike. Looking back, it is easy to see what decisions should have been made–or not made. What partnerships should have been forged? What concepts should have been abandoned?

Executives from across the industry probably have many regrets or decisions they would like to do over, especially when it comes to preparing a network or choosing (or not choosing) to promote a particular device on an exclusive basis. However, it is rare that executives admit publicly that they, or the industry, could have pursued a different course. When that does happen, it is worth taking note, not only for the lessons that can be gleaned from such retrospective analysis, but also for the candor with which it is issued.

FierceWireless queried a range of top industry executives to get their perspectives on what they might have done differently if they were starting over in the industry.

Here’s what they had to say:

The biggest challenge still facing Wilson Electronics is the lack of consumer awareness of cellular signal boosters, and how they can enhance the usefulness of their devices. Looking back, we should have put more emphasis on marketing to consumers (pull marketing) as opposed to the many years spent marketing to resellers (push marketing). Since we changed to this strategy, our business has been booming.”

–Wilson Electronics COO Joe Banos

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