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For the first time, we reveal…
what your daily phone habits say about your health, happiness, and relationships; including your love life.


Calling makes us feel at ease.


of those surveyed said that calls reduce stress

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Comparing the differences
when someone is on a call vs. when they send a text.

Based on the EEG data, the neural activity of our study participants showed much higher degrees of calm while talking on the phone; whereas while texting, the highest degrees of measurement shown were stress waves.

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Our biometric results further suggest
that speaking on the phone has real, tangible benefits.



of study participants showed increased signs of calm and relaxation, along with lower anxiety and tension when talking on the phone vs. texting.

For those who are away from family,
traditional phone calls hold even greater importance.

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of those surveyed said calls reduce home sickness.



out of 9 participants got more reassurance from talking to their mom vs. texting with their mom.

As for dating, most singles agree:
phone calls are critical in getting to know someone.


of the single people surveyed said if they’re interested in someone, they’d prefer talking on the phone vs. chatting in a dating app.


of the single people surveyed said phone calls help to strengthen their romantic connections.

Given the influential role that phone calls play in the way we communicate, they are also a cause of frustration. In fact, Americans reported that…

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Over half

of Americans say they have had a call dropped at a critical moment

49 percent

took a call in an impractical place for better service

One third

of Americans cite their bad reception as a reason to avoid making phone calls

How can you ensure your phone connectivity is reliable?
weBoost is the answer.

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