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Browse our full selection of Wilson Electronics cell phone antenna mounts including desk, windows, suction, marine, and cup holder mounts. Our mounts are compatible with all our booster antennas and allow constant and secure connectivity.
Antenna Mounting Pole 25 ft.
Designed primarily to work with RV applications, the 25 ft. antenna mounting pole can also be used for mounting outdoor antennas o...
Magnetic NMO Mount | 900037
The Magnetic NMO Mount is designed to be used with the Wilson 4G NMO Antenna (314405) but will work with any NMO antenna.
Drive 4G-X Fleet Soft Install Kit
The soft bundle kit is for customers to test the Drive 4G-X Fleet (470221) before drilling holes in the vehicle. It can be used fo...
Wilson Fixed Antenna Mounting | weBoost Pole Mounting Assembly | 901117
10" Length, 1.5" Diameter. Outdoor Antenna Mounting Pole. Designed for Mounting External Antennas for Cell Phone Signal Boosters. ...
NMO Mount 3/4 inch
For use with new 4G NMO Antenna (314405) and other Non Magnet Mount Cell Phone Signal Booster Antennas. 14 ft RG-58U Cable with SM...
NMO Mount 3/8 inch
For use with Vehicle NMO Non Magnet Mount Cell Phone Signal Booster Antennas. 14 ft RG-58U Cable with SMA-Male Connector. Requires...
3 Way Mount with Spade Stud
Allows Mounting of Exterior Antennas on Roof Edge or Mirror Bracket. 3/8-24 Thread. 5 Millimeter Chrome-Plated Aluminum. Hardware ...
Marine Antenna Mount | 901119
For use with Marine Antenna 311130 and Marine Antenna 304420. Includes adjustment and cinching arms. Standard 1 inch by 14 thread.
Wilson Cradle Mounting Kit for Drive Sleek, Drive 3G-S / 4G-S | 901134
Designed to Mount Cradle Style Cell Phone Signal Boosters to Vehicle Dashboard. Package Includes: Vent Mount, Adjustable Ball with...
Omni Antenna Building Mounting Bracket
Bracket designed to mount outdoor omni-antennas for cell phone signal boosters to the outside of a building. Compatible with anten...
In-Wall Panel Antenna Mount
Designed with bracket to mount Indoor Cell Phone Signal Booster Antenna inside an interior wall. Compatible with antennas 311135 a...
Pole Mount for Panel Antenna
Permanent and fixed outdoor building pole mount for panel antennas. Works with all Wilson panel antennas.
Ceiling Mount for Panel Antenna
Permanent and fixed ceiling mount for panel antennas. Works with 304451, 304471, 311155, 304472.
Wall Mount Brackets for Connect RV 65 | 990056
Wall mount brackets (qty. 2) used to secure pole to side of RV.
Horizontal Mount with Spade Stud
Compatible with Cell Phone Signal Booster Trucker Antenna 311101 and RV Antenna 311133. Allows Mounting of Exterior Antennas on Ho...
Mirror Mount for Mack / Freight
Permanent and fixed mirror Mount for Mack / Freightliner.
Mounting Plate
Mounting Plate
Wall Mount for Panel Antenna
Wall Mount for panel antennas. Works with all Wilson indoor panel antennas.
Window Mount Antenna Bracket
For use with Magnet-Mount and Mini Magnet-Mount Antennas for Mobile Cell Phone Signal Boosters. Suction cups attach to inside surf...
Window Mount for Panel Antenna
Temporary and adjustable indoor window mount for panel antennas. Designed for use in a building. Works with all Wilson panel anten...

Works on every network, on any carrier.