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Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Rural Areas

February 24, 2020

People who live in rural areas already know that they are farther away from urban towns and cities, but they may not realize that they are being unnec...

How to Get Faster Video Streaming on Your Phone

February 19, 2020

If you enjoy the convenience of watching your favorite movies, TV shows, and videos on your smartphone, you’re not alone. In fact, 57% of all smartpho...

Top 8 Internet Speed Test Apps

February 19, 2020

There are currently 4.39 billion internet users in the world. With so many people online, it makes sense that the internet becomes sluggish at times. ...

What do the bars mean on my cell phone?

February 13, 2020

We all know what the cell bars graphic on the home screen of our mobile phones are supposed to mean. It indicates signal strength, right? As in how st...