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Works on every network, for any carrier.

weBoost devices help you boost your cell phone signal up to 32x its current strength, giving you crystal clear call quality and up to 4G LTE speeds where you once had poor coverage, no matter your cell phone provider.

weBoost provides cell phone signal boosters that are trusted by everyone from homeowners and business professionals to search and rescue teams and police stations. You get the most powerful cellular signal booster available, so you're always within reach when it matters most.

Search and shop by category to find the best cell phone signal booster for your specific needs. Buy weBoost's best-in-class mobile signal boosters and experience improved call quality immediately.

Government regulations in the U.S. & Canada prohibit boosting a particular frequency used by some parts of the Sprint network. Most Sprint customers still see performance improvement from weBoost signal boosters.

Get up to 32x stronger signal.

Normal cell coverage

Dropped calls and slow data are generally caused by three things: distance from a cell tower, building materials in your home or office, or obstruction from tall objects such as trees, topography, and buildings.

Cell coverage with weBoost

weBoost devices are able to capture an exterior signal - even one that is far away - and amplify it in your car, home, or office. weBoost devices work on every network, for any carrier, to give you up to 32x your cell signal strength.

Simply the best service, from top to bottom.

How it works.

The outside antenna reaches out to the cell tower to access voice and data signals.
The booster receives the outside signal from the outside antenna.
The booster amplifies the outside signal 32x, and sends it to the inside antenna.
The inside antenna broadcasts the boosted signal inside the vehicle.
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  1. 6 months ago
    we were tired of walking in our aluminum siding home and loosing signal, as my husband i hunkered on the sun porch trying to sit perfectly so we would not loose cell signal, we both all but gave up. we purchased the we boost 3g home signal booster and now we can even go to the basement without loosing signal. hubby has verizon and i have cricket - it works for both phones. yay.
  2. 1 year ago
    Works great
    Live in rural Ky.never had more than one bar,now with the Weboot I have 3 or 4 bars all the time
  3. 11 months ago
    Fabulous Product!
    We have had our Home 3G for about 7 months and love it. Our cabin is about 8000' elevation in Colorado. Reception is almost non-existent. My Wilson Mobile Pro worked great for several years, but we needed a bigger broadcast range inside the house. We upgraded to the Home 3G and it's worth every penny. Wilson gave good installation assistance and immediate response when I needed a longer, heavy duty cable. We now have good cell reception and are able to use our WiFI with Verizon. The signal is ... read more boosted for multiple providers which we have seen; Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint so far. The past few months were spent in the desert in AZ and we relied on the booster. Anyone who needs a cell signal booster would definitely benefit from the Home 3G unit.
  1. 2 years ago
    Thank you Wilson
    Works very well, we could make calls but no one could hear us. Installed using a 20' mast for out side antenna and running cable thru the attic. I left booster in the attic and ran cable for the inside antenna thru the wall and came out of one of our a cable outlets. Went from not being able to make calls or recive them to 4 barsLTE. I did not have enough coax the rase the mast to 20 ft, called Wilson Tech support they sent me the other 10 ft of M400 coax and a female to female adapter at no ... read more charge. These people are the real deal. I highly reccomend Wilson SKU 471104 booster. Yes its pricey but you get what you pay for.
  2. 1 year ago
    Best investment ever...
    I live in a valley in a very rural part of Texas with lots of brush and tree foliage. Cell phone towers are few and far between. Before I purchased and installed this booster I usually had to drive about 2 miles up a hill to receive a signal. Or, in the winter (when foliage was decreased), I could climb to the top rail of the cattle pens in hopes of picking up a signal. Since installing the booster, I have cell phone service, not just in the house but for about 30 yards surrounding the house. I ... read more do have a land line but the underground cable lines are over 50 years old and that service has been just as bad or worse than the cell service. As far as I'm concerned, buying this booster was the smartest move I made in 2015.
  3. 1 year ago
    Great Product
    I recently moved into the country. My home is in a small valley with lots of trees and I could not receive calls on my cell phone. Also, my cellular internet was absent. Since installing the weBoost 471104 Connect 4G-X Cell Phone Signal Booster, I receive all cell calls and my internet works with 4+ bars of LTE. When I attach my cell phone to my desktop via "hotspot" it appears to work as well as it used to with AT&T Uverse.
  1. 3 months ago
    Great product
    This product works great with tmobile. Just did a day trip from El Paso to Dallas. Oh my, the weboost might have worked a little to well, my wife and kids stayed on facebook almost the whole drive, with only a few drops of signal. I had my system professionally installed at Extreme Audio and Tent in El Paso Tx. This shop has some of the best service that I have ever seen.Pros: The booster works with T-Mobile, you can hook up the booster to multiple devices. From E to LTE it works like a ... read more dream, great mouting hardware, it's allmost all wireless as far as connecting to your phone, its dummy proff.Cons: We have to be realistic and understand that it cant make signal so there might me a few drops along a trip. The antenna is big and ugly and I'm not sure on the range of it, the closer you are to the inside antenina the better it works. Price is a little steap.Would I buy this agin? yes would I recommend this product to my friends and family, yes.
  2. 6 months ago
    Over-The-Road Trucker Gets A Boost!
    I am on the road over 300 days a year as an over-the-road truck driver. I was given the opportunity to test this cell phone booster at a time when I was on a run through an area where cell phone reception is sketchy or non-existent. I'm happy to report it not only worked, it kept me connected the entire way! Here's my official post about it: http://www.salenalettera.com/2016/07/when-you-need-little-boost.html
  3. 1 week ago
    Works great
    It works as they said it works. In places that I would lost service I had service. But I have a Kenworth t880 so the bracket that come with it didn't work for me. So I have work lights that I put on my truck and there bracket for the light works great.
  1. 1 month ago
    It works
    We have had connection 98% of the time the booster before we got maybe 50%. We are hidden behind a rock bluff beside a lake it is great to be connected again.
  2. 1 year ago
    No G to 4G and 5 bars!!!
    So at first I thought this was a bust. We have a place in the middle of nowhere for cell service (Fisher's Landing north of Yuma, AZ). Spotty coverage, lucky to get one bar and texts most of the time. Sometimes you get two bars and 3G, but just enough to make you angry with the 20 minutes to download one photo. Usually you lose signal before completing any data transfer. I took this out there, connected everything and got on a ladder just above roof level. I pointed the thing 8 different ... read more directions and no noticeable difference at all for cell signal. I was convinced I needed to take it home and return it. The next day I though, what the heck I'm here all weekend, so I took it to the other side of the house and mounted it on the old TV antenna pole about 3' above the roof and I pointed opposite where I had started before (north towards Picacho, not south to Yuma). Almost instantly we had 4 bars and 3G. Within a few minutes the signal strengthened to 5 bars with 4G service on Verizon. Multiple users (5) enjoyed internet connection and downloads as good or better than being in the city, with consistent signal strength inside and around the house. Now we have great service every time we go to the river. I highly recommend this product, but I think the elevated mounting (above rooftops) and patience with location / direction is important for the best performance.
  3. 5 months ago
    Great Product, Great Company
    We bought the Eco model first, it worked but not as well as we had hoped for. We upgraded to the 3G-X and have been happy. Customer Support was great and sent us a more powerful antenna.
  1. 1 month ago
    Overall it worked for data but not for cell calls
    I have been using this for about a week now and it has helped somewhat. I'm camping in a state park and the cell service is terrible. Got the booster and it helped a lot with data but my cell service is still messed up - can't maintain a phone call. I can stream movies, etc. but when I make a phone call the bars drop from 4 to 0. So I'm making my calls using VOIP using Hangouts. Cumbersome but OK for a few calls but if I were trying to do a lot of calls with it there would be a problem. In ... read more fairness, I don't know if it is the weBoost or my phone.
  2. 3 weeks ago
    Home 4G early experiences
    I had a cheap Chinese cell repeater installed but could only get a weak 4G signal in my metal sided/roofed home. I wanted the faster LTE speed so I purchased the home 4G for my small home. I read the installation notes carefully and followed all the warnings about distance and orientation of antennas. The outside antenna is clamped to a section of old TV antenna pole that I mounted on my roof. This allowed me to get a clear view of the local cell tower about 3 miles away. I mounted the ... read more amplifier inside my front entry and the inside antenna was secured on a inside wall facing away from the amplifier. The green frequency lights were all green when I powered it up and the reception and coverage are good. I went from 1 bar of 4G to 4 bars of 4g LTE on my Samsung note3.
  3. 3 weeks ago
    Works as advertised
    We have had this product for over a month now. We bought it because our phone service reception is linked to our internet service ( we use a micro cell for boosting in this case). However when the internet goes out, we then have almost zero phone reception. This indeed did occur this weekend. However , now with We Boost, we had 3 strong bars and reception on phones was excellent. Ours is set up on an inside window that has a metal porch roof.....you can set this up outside as well if you want 5 ... read more bars I'm sure you will get it.
  1. 5 months ago
    Loving it 2nd Wilson/WeBoost amp I've bought
    This is the 2nd amp I have purchase through Wilson/WeBoost and I have been greatly impressed with both products. My signal strength is at 2 bars outside and at 5 bars inside. 1 amp is even located inside a completely metal building and I still have 5 bars
  2. 4 months ago
    Amazing gains!
    I bought the weboost about a month ago and went from no cell service inside my house (metal roof) to excellent service (3 bars). At first I bought the boost with 5,000 sq ft coverage but it was way too big for my 900 sq ft house so I ended up sending it back and replaced it with the one that has 1500 sq ft coverage. The installation was easy enough, it took about 2 hours to install since I had to fish it through my roof joist and the house had block walls.
  3. 6 months ago
    Easy to Install
    This device is very simple to install. Just hook it up. Anyone could do it. It definitely helped increase the signal, although the strength went up and down, which could very well be the signal strength outside (we are surrounded by trees). I can finally make a call from the house which I could never do before.
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