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Instantly boost your cell signal wherever you are.

Enjoy fewer dropped calls, faster internet speeds, improved video streaming, and more — with weBoost cell signal boosters in your home or vehicle.

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Designed in the USA and FCC Approved
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Better Security

With its data always encrypted, internet connections are more secure over a cellular network.

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Reliable Cell Signal

Access to reliable cell signal means greater peace of mind in any emergency situation.

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Optimized Data

Enhanced coverage allows for more effective use of unlimited data plans and WiFi bandwidth.

How weBoost cell phone signal boosters work

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In your home

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In your vehicle

HIW Step 1
Our powerful outside antenna reaches out to access a voice and data signal, and delivers it to the booster.
HIW Step 2
The cell signal booster receives the signal, amplifies it, and serves as a relay between your phone and the nearest cell tower.
HIW Step 3
Your devices get increased reception, and outgoing calls and data are amplified through the booster and sent back to the network.
Home booster diagram

Outside Antenna

The outside antenna communicates back and forth with nearby cell towers.


The signal booster amplifies any cell signals it receives from the outside antenna.

Inside Antenna

The inside antenna broadcasts these signals for use throughout your home or vehicle.
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How weBoost works

Subaru Motorsports USA - The Official Cell Signal BoosterSubaru Motorsports USA - The Official Cell Signal BoosterSubaru Motorsports USA - The Official Cell Signal Booster
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weBoost is now the official cell signal booster for Subaru Motorsports USA. Subaru Motorsports USA relies on weBoost cell signal boosters in their fleet of rally cars, service trucks, and marketing vehicles, to ensure they are able to maintain communication in even the most remote rally locations.

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Subaru Motorsports Subaru Motorsports | weBoost

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Why choose weBoost signal boosters

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Extends battery life

Your phone won't use energy trying to find a signal as it hops towers or roams different networks.

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We fix more than signal

weBoost customers enjoy fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, faster internet speeds, and improved video streaming.

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Works with all devices

weBoost cell signal boosters work with all cellular devices on all carrier networks in North America; approved by the FCC and ISED.

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We started everything

We were the first to design, build, and market home cell signal boosters in the US and Canada. weBoost also developed the first in-vehicle cell phone boosters.

Cell phone signal booster product lineup

Reliable cell signal, wherever you are

Whether at home, or on the road, weBoost keeps up with the things you love most.

Don't just take our word for it

Read recent reviews from actual weBoost customers.

reviewed product

Drive Reach

When I first hooked it up I got three bars inside of the car. I could receive texts in real-time. Walk around inside and actually talk on the phone. FaceTime with my family back in Seattle. Stream video. Even tether my laptop to my phone!

Amazon Customer

reviewed product

Home MultiRoom

We have never had a usable cell phone signal inside our home before. After installing this system, you would never know it. Cell signal, 4G, texting, data. everything works normally now.

Amazon Customer

reviewed product

Drive X RV

We have the cell phone signal booster installed in our RV, where it turned maybe 1 bar into 3-4 steady bars. It was easy to install, removable and doesn’t take up much space.

Amazon Customer

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