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Works on every network, for any carrier.

weBoost devices help you boost your cell phone signal up to 32x its current strength, giving you crystal clear call quality and up to 4G LTE speeds where you once had poor coverage, no matter your cell phone provider.

weBoost provides cell phone signal boosters that are trusted by everyone from homeowners and business professionals to search and rescue teams and police stations. You get the most powerful cellular signal booster available, so you're always within reach when it matters most.

Search and shop by category to find the best cell phone signal booster for your specific needs. Buy weBoost's best-in-class mobile signal boosters and experience improved call quality immediately.

weBoost boosters do not support a particular frequency used by some parts of the Sprint network. Most Sprint customers still see performance improvement from our boosters.

Get up to 32x stronger signal.

Normal cell coverage

Dropped calls and slow data are generally caused by three things: distance from a cell tower, building materials in your home or office, or obstruction from tall objects such as trees, topography, and buildings.

Cell coverage with weBoost

weBoost devices are able to capture an exterior signal - even one that is far away - and amplify it in your car, home, or office. weBoost devices work on every network, for any carrier, to give you up to 32x your cell signal strength.

Simply the best service, from top to bottom.

How it works.

The outside antenna reaches out to the cell tower to access voice and data signals.
The booster receives the outside signal from the outside antenna.
The booster amplifies the outside signal 32x, and sends it to the inside antenna.
The inside antenna broadcasts the boosted signal inside the vehicle.
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  1. 1 week ago
    Great reception
    Really works in rural places that did not work or were marginal. Only concern is with the internal antenna. It attaches by velcro to as velcro base that attaches to the seat. In hot weather, the glue on the seat side gives out and the whole thing slides to the floor and leaves a sticky mess on the seat. Need a different system for attaching the internal antenna. Any suggestions?
  2. 3 months ago
    Good so far
    Just tried a real world test of our new wireless cell signal booster WeBoost Drive 4G-X. Temp setup, mini magnetic "outdoor" antenna on the dash on a metal ground plane, not on the roof as it will be in the future. Location Thousand Trails Gordonville TX.No booster, Verizon signal is -97 dBm, with booster signal is* -64 dBm. This is with the cell phone and MiFi used to measure signal 2" away from internal antenna.The power levels picked up by a cellular antenna are fractions of ... read more a milliwatts, so the dBm readout will be a negative number.-50dBm would be considered an awesome signal. -60dBm is 10x weaker, but still great. -70dBm is 100x weaker. -80dBm is 1,000x weaker. -90dBm is 10,000x weaker. -100dBm is 100,000x weaker - and is when you are likely to start seeing a serious impact. -110dBm is a million times weaker than -50dBm and is usually barely usable. And by the time you see -120dBm, the phone has probably already given up and switched to "No Service."
  3. 11 months ago
    It Works
    My only complaint is that they need to have an RV specific package, that includes a larger cable with a choice of lengths, and a heavy duty outside antenna. The outside antenna must be mounted as far to the rear as possible, to limit electrical signal interference from the weBoost unit to the antenna because of the fiberglass roofs in RV's. Due to the rear antenna location, they need to upsize the antenna connecting cable, to limit the signal loss of the long run of this cable. I made these ... read more changes with the help of the weBoost technical support team. It works great!
  1. 1 year ago
    Absolutely Fantastic!
    We live in a rural area with terrible cell service in our home. We wanted to improve our cell service with hopes that we could eliminate our $90 a month landline.. This booster worked so well that we will no longer need home service. A great booster. I have recommended this to several and they are loving the results.
  2. 1 day ago
    Achieved cellular coverage under our steel roof
    This replaced a previous booster (so external antenna was in place as was on inside antenna). We have a steel roof and no longer were able to consistently maintain cellular coverage in the house. Replaced old unit with weBoost and immediately got coverage on upper floor from existing inside antenna. Had to add second inside antenna to get coverage at far end of home (80+ft) and basement (put in attic facing down). Now have complete coverage and can talk on cell phone and use cellular data ... read more capabilities throughout the house. Pleased..gave 4 stars as I wish I did not have to add the second internal antenna to the booster.
  3. 2 years ago
    What a change
    I am the IT guy in a 16K office suite with roughly 125 cell phones, From Iphones to android, and on all 4 different carriers. Before we had staff with one bar or no service. With the Connect 4G-x everyone now has 4-5 bars of service across all carriers listed. Install was a snap and i had the complete kit up and running in two hours. I very highly recommend this system kit.
  1. 5 months ago
    As advertised.....
    When walking around my home 360 degrees I get no more than 3-bars on a 4-bar cell phone. When within the scan area of the indoor antenna of the ewBoost 3G/473105 I have a solid 3-bar signal. I don't guess I could expect anything more........
  2. 10 months ago
    Fabulous Product!
    We have had our Home 3G for about 7 months and love it. Our cabin is about 8000' elevation in Colorado. Reception is almost non-existent. My Wilson Mobile Pro worked great for several years, but we needed a bigger broadcast range inside the house. We upgraded to the Home 3G and it's worth every penny. Wilson gave good installation assistance and immediate response when I needed a longer, heavy duty cable. We now have good cell reception and are able to use our WiFI with Verizon. The signal is ... read more boosted for multiple providers which we have seen; Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint so far. The past few months were spent in the desert in AZ and we relied on the booster. Anyone who needs a cell signal booster would definitely benefit from the Home 3G unit.
  3. 1 year ago
    weboost home 3g 473105
    I've been using my home 3g and went from bairly one bar to four bars. It also increased my 4g signal.very happy with my purchase.
  1. 5 months ago
    Over-The-Road Trucker Gets A Boost!
    I am on the road over 300 days a year as an over-the-road truck driver. I was given the opportunity to test this cell phone booster at a time when I was on a run through an area where cell phone reception is sketchy or non-existent. I'm happy to report it not only worked, it kept me connected the entire way!
  2. 5 months ago
    Over-The-Road Trucker Gets A Boost!
    I am on the road over 300 days a year as an over-the-road truck driver. I was given the opportunity to test this cell phone booster at a time when I was on a run through an area where cell phone reception is sketchy or non-existent. I'm happy to report it not only worked, it kept me connected the entire way! Here's my official post about it: http://www.salenalettera.com/2016/07/when-you-need-little-boost.html
  3. 2 weeks ago
    Bought this setup last month. Better than expected
    Needed a solution for voice and data fringe areas on my commute to work. Also hope to use it camping this summer through out the Northeast. So far it has exceeded my expectations. Spent the last week driving through a variety of areas where I had little or no ability to access data or carry on a voice conversation. Happy to report that, so far, I can not find anywhere that I can't use my phone or even stream a YouTube video. I expected to find at least a few areas that I still could not get ... read more service. Hats off to the folks at WeBoost! I plan to mount "trucker" antenna permanently on my camper and use another smaller antenna on my truck.
  1. 1 year ago
    Excellent amplifier for weak signal areas
    This amplifier was installed in a metal tool shed/shop. The results was a strong signal in areas where no signal was present before installing this amplifier.
  2. 4 months ago
    Cell Coverage Indoors!!
    Live in a rural area of southeast Virginia and had zero coverage indoors, tried the Verizon network extender but it would ALWAYS drop calls. Installed the Connect 3G-X system and finally can make calls and text indoors without the hassle of dropped calls, plus anyone else on other cell providers can use the system not just Verizon.
  3. 1 year ago
    Our Cabin is Now Reachable
    We have a summer cabin on an island in lake Michigan where cell service was almost nill most of the time. We decided to try this unit on the recommendation of one of your technical advisors named Patrick. He told me I would be very happy with the results. He was right! We now have excellent service on both our Cellcom and AT&T. We can now make and receive calls without losing the connection or constantly asking " Can you hear me now?'
  1. 2 months ago
    Amazing gains!
    I bought the weboost about a month ago and went from no cell service inside my house (metal roof) to excellent service (3 bars). At first I bought the boost with 5,000 sq ft coverage but it was way too big for my 900 sq ft house so I ended up sending it back and replaced it with the one that has 1500 sq ft coverage. The installation was easy enough, it took about 2 hours to install since I had to fish it through my roof joist and the house had block walls.
  2. 5 months ago
    Easy to Install
    This device is very simple to install. Just hook it up. Anyone could do it. It definitely helped increase the signal, although the strength went up and down, which could very well be the signal strength outside (we are surrounded by trees). I can finally make a call from the house which I could never do before.
  3. 4 months ago
    Finally I can use my phone around the house. Before reception wasn't good enough to hold a conversation or use data features. Now visitors have no problem calling or texting.
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