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How do I know if a cell signal booster will work for me?

If there is an available cell signal outside your home or vehicle then the booster can amplify the signal into your desired space to give you faster data speeds, better call quality and more. 

Try making a call. If you’re receiving a strong enough signal to make a call outdoors, the signal is likely strong enough for a cell phone booster to amplify the signal for use inside your home or vehicle.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so give it a try in your home or vehicle today.

Will weBoost boosters work with 5G?

Yes, our current weBoost product line will work in a 5G world. Carriers will continue to rely on the 4G LTE network to provide service for most subscribers well into 2030 and beyond. Learn more here.

Which booster will work best for me?

We offer specially designed cell phone signal booster kits for homes, RVs, cars, trucks, SUVs and commercial fleets. Most weBoost kits will boost signal for multiple people, but some like the Drive Sleek and Drive Sleek OTR boost signal for just one person or device. Search for your ideal cell phone booster kit here.

Our customer support team is also happy to help you find which cell phone booster is right for your situation. Just call us at 866-294-1660 or email us at [email protected].

Do weBoost cell phone boosters work overseas?

Cell phone boosters sold on are only recommended for use in the United States. We offer different models for Canada, South America and Malaysia. Any other countries are incompatible with our boosters.

Are weBoost cell phone boosters compatible with all cellular phones?

Yes, weBoost cell phone signal boosters work with all cellular phones that are compatible with carriers in the United States.

Do cell phone boosters amplify Wi-Fi signal?

Not directly. Cell phone boosters can only help Wi-Fi when being used through a cellular modem or hotspot by your carrier. Cell phone signal boosters amplify cellular signal. Read more here.

How many phones will a cell signal booster amplify the signal for?

It depends on which cell phone booster model you're using and your outside signal strength. Theoretically, the booster can amplify as many phones that are within the coverage area from the inside antenna.

Will the booster work with my cell carrier?

Yes. weBoost cell signal boosters will amplify signal for all carriers in the United States like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, StraightTalk and Boost Mobile.

Can I use a booster for both home and vehicle use?

No, we have cell phone booster kits that are specifically designed and optimized for either vehicles or homes. We don’t recommend using a home booster in your vehicle or vice versa.

I know a more powerful booster covers more area, but how much more?

Two factors dictate the size of indoor coverage area: (1) the strength of the cellular signal BEFORE it is boosted, and (2) the booster system's gain (signal boosting) level.

Depending on the strength of signal from the nearest cell tower, the square-foot area of coverage that a booster can provide may vary greatly.

The stronger the cell signal received by the outside antenna, the greater the indoor coverage area in square feet. Bottom line: a stronger signal from the cell tower means more indoor coverage area from the booster system.

That's why it's so important to place the outside antenna in the location, and point it in the direction, that allows it to receive the strongest possible tower signal.

If you are not sure which booster system can provide the coverage area you need, contact us.

What is the range of the inside antenna?

The range or distance that your phone can receive boosted signal from an inside antenna depends on two factors: (1) the strength of the signal from the cell tower, and (2) the output power of your signal booster.

The stronger the tower signal is BEFORE it's amplified by the signal booster, the greater range you will have from the inside antenna.

Also, a more powerful signal booster, which can provide a higher level of signal amplification, allows greater range.


Where do I place an outside antenna on my home for optimal performance?

1. Find out where your cell carrier's nearest tower is located. You can use a search engine to find one of the many tower location sites on the Web. Our favorite is 

2. Once you know the tower location, point the main center beam of the Yagi antenna (outside antenna) in the direction of the cell tower. 

3. Display your phone's signal strength reading. The signal strength reading is typically displayed in decibels (dBm). The reading is often displayed as a negative number, like -91 dBm, for example. A signal strength reading CLOSER TO ZERO is stronger.

4.Once you find the location that provides the best signal strength, lock down the Yagi antenna's (outside antenna) position. You should now get optimum performance from your booster system.

If multiple carriers are used at home, where should I point the outside antenna?

Find an area outside your home where all carriers can receive a stronger signal. Next, install the outside antenna in that location and point it towards the general direction of the desired carriers. weBoost cell phone boosters can amplify frequencies from all carriers.

If I change cell carriers, do I need to readjust the outside antenna on my home?

First, check to see if you are still getting signal. If you see a difference with the booster on versus when the booster is off, there’s no need to move the outside antenna.

If you don’t notice any change in signal (not able to make calls, stream video, browse using data faster), you may need to move or rotate your outside antenna to receive the optimal signal indoors.

How do I take signal readings to setup my home booster?

Put your phone into field test mode or download an app to find an accurate cell signal strength. Learn how to find a signal strength reading in this article here.

How far apart should I place my outside and inside antennas?

Every weBoost cell signal booster has a recommended minimum separation distance between its outside antenna and inside antenna that must be observed. See your product’s installation guide for the exact details.

For Home Install: Generally, the inside antenna and the outside antennas need 20 feet vertical OR 50 feet horizontal separation. If those distances are not feasible for your application, it can be achieved by doing a combination of the two (E.g, 10 feet vertical AND 30 feet horizontal).

Note: Separation is measured as a straight line between the two antennas. Separation is not measured by the length of cables that connect the two antennas to the booster.

For Vehicle Install: It’s best to place the outside antenna towards the rear of the roof on the passenger side. You’ll need an 18 in. to 24 in. separation between the inside and outside antennas.

The metal roof of your vehicle acts as a shield between the two antennas, making antenna placement a bit less critical for vehicle boosters.

If antennas are placed too close together, the booster may experience oscillation. Oscillation occurs when the antennas pick up each other’s signals create a feedback loop.

Where can I download my booster's installation guides?

A downloadable PDF installation guide can be found under “Documents” on product pages. Also, please check out our installation page here for everything you need to install your weBoost cell phone booster.


My booster is hot to the touch, what should I do?

This is normal and expected from cell phone boosters. It's best to keep the booster in a climate-controlled area with good ventilation to keep the unit cooler.

How do I increase my coverage area inside my home?

The best way to increase the coverage area inside your home is to try and optimize where your outside antenna is placed or directed. Directing the outside antenna towards your carrier’s cell tower will produce the best results. Find the nearest cell tower here.

After locating the cell tower, read this article here to find your signal strength. Once you find where signal is strongest and where the nearest cell tower is located, you can pinpoint the optimal outside antenna placement for your home. Watch this video to learn how to install the outside antenna.

What should I do if green lights show on my booster, but I don’t notice an increase in signal?

Green lights indicate that there's no interference between the outside and inside antennas that are setup. Green lights do not mean that the booster is amplifying signal through the booster unit. This issue could be caused by outside signal that’s too weak to boost, improper antenna positioning, or a possible hardware issue.

What do the red light(s) mean on my booster?

First, check your coverage. Are you happy with the cell signal you are getting? If so, there’s no need to troubleshoot further!

Indication of red lights typically means that there's interference between the inside and outside antenna. This does not harm the booster, but it does reduce the output signal from the inside antenna and may not fulfill your needs.

To fix this, simply place one antenna or both antennas farther away from each other and reset the amplifier by turning it off and back on again. Continue this until there's enough separation. Then the booster should turn green and should be functioning properly.

If you've exceeded the length of your cable and are still receiving red lights on your amplifier it would be most helpful to call into our customer support for more guidance.

What do the orange light(s) mean on my booster?

First, check your coverage. Are you happy with the cell signal you are getting? If so, there’s no need to troubleshoot further!

Orange lights indicate that there's a strong signal coming into the booster – which is a good thing. If the light is flashing orange, it just means that the coverage is being reduced slightly. If you are getting the coverage you are happy with, there is no need to troubleshoot further. If there's a solid orange light it means that the booster has shut down and may not be getting any coverage.

To help this issue, usually turning the antenna away from the tower or lowering the antenna can help reduce the overload. If there's any doubt, please contact our customer support who can help you through this situation.

What if no lights show up on my booster?

If no lights show on the booster unit it could mean two things: 1) Either the power supply that's plugged into the wall or port has burnt out or 2) the booster itself isn't working. Test the power supply with a voltmeter or a multimeter to see if it needs to be replaced. If you can’t test out the power supply, we’ll send you a replacement.

If the volts don't appear while the power supply is plugged in, then the power supply is likely faulty and needs to be replaced. If there is voltage and the power doesn't show, then the amplifier is faulty and needs to be replaced. Please contact us so we can help to resolve these issues if your booster is still under the 2-year warranty from purchase date.

I installed everything; how do I know if my cell phone booster is working?

There are a few reasons why a booster wouldn't work after setup. You need to ensure that all lights are green on the booster. Next, check that your cables and connections are secure and hand tight. If the problem persists, we suggest that you call our customer support and they can help troubleshoot any issues.

How do I protect the outside connections to the antennas and cables?

Please weatherproof cable connections. Learn how in this video here.


Do I need to register my booster with weBoost?

We certainly hope you will. To register your booster, follow the instructions below.

Keep in mind that registering your booster is not necessary in order for the system to work. Of course Customer Service will help you even if your booster is not registered. Yes, you can replace a failed booster if you do not register, but you would need to provide a purchase receipt or some other dated record of purchase. And yes, that’s hardly ever a problem since so few weBoost units ever fail.

Still we encourage you to register your booster for warranty purposes.

On the Web
1) Go to

2) Fill in the form.

If you don’t know the model number of your booster, look on the side or back of the weBoost box for a stick-on label with a set of numbers. On the top, you will find the model name with the model number right next to it. Start typing your model number into the field on the registration page and a list of model numbers will drop down. Select your model from the drop-down list.

(Note: Older model Wilson Electronics-branded boosters will have a barcode on the sticker. The model number with these boosters may start with 8.)

To find the booster serial number, look at the numbers below the model name and number. The 15 to 17 digit number with a letter near the center is the serial number. Type it in the required field.

3) Complete the form with the required information and click the Register button.

4) Click to choose an answer for each of the optional short survey questions (no more than 3) and you’re done!

It shouldn’t take more than two or three minutes, tops.

How do I register my booster with my cell service provider?

FCC regulations require that anyone who operates a cellphone signal booster register the booster with their cellular carrier. Below are links to the online booster registration forms for major U.S. carriers.

 If you do not see your service provider below, contact your provider's customer service group to ask how to register your signal booster.





US Cellular

What are the FCC guidelines and how can I find them?

Cellphone signal boosters are regulated by the FCC like any amplifier or device that uses any frequency for amplification purposes. This means that there are specific laws to what is possible with any cellular amplifier ranging from what antennas can be used, how much gain can be created by the amplifier to even registering the amplifier with a provider. All these laws are to help the FCC regulate and protect from other cellular towers, providers, and even emergency responders to communicate effectively. If not followed, they can affect cellular towers and other frequencies that may be detrimental to communication for many users. These regulations were revised in 2014 and may have more revisions in the future.

Here’s a link to understand more about these FCC guidelines and restrictions for use and practice in all applications:

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

What is weBoost's return policy?


If you purchase directly from, you can return for full refund minus shipping within 30 days from the purchase date.

To return a purchase, you must first contact weBoost at 1-866-294-1660 to get a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. weBoost cannot accept returns without an RMA number.

Once weBoost receives the unit in its original packaging, you will receive the full cost of the order, minus shipping.

For more details on the return policy and return instructions, please refer to the link below.

What’s the warranty on weBoost cell phone signal boosters?

weBoost signal boosters and antennas are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-Year warranty. For more details on the warranty and return policy, please check out the link below.

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