Examiner.com features the weBoost eqo

Nicholas Jones | June 4, 2016

Cellphones may have become pocket computers but their basic purpose continues to be communication. Many households have eschewed landlines to make the cellphone their phone system. But while cellphones have gotten “smarter,” the penetration power of the cell towers hasn’t changed and if the cellular signal at home is weak or even nonexistent in some areas, getting a better phone won’t make a difference. What’s needed is a way to take the cellular signal from where it is good and distribute it to those areas where it is not. That’s why weBoost’s EQO Cell Phone Signal Booster was created.

Improving on a cellular signal is simple in concept — if the phone isn’t getting a good signal and you can’t move the phone to where the signal is better, find a way to “push” the signal over to where the phone is. To accomplish this, an antenna is placed where the cellular signal is good, and the signal being collected is then transmitted through a cable to a “Beamer” unit which, being closer to the phone, now provides the cellular radio waves. Easy in concept, yes, but it’s the execution where things can fall apart.

So here’s a misconception to apply to the EQO: that the antenna needs to be “gathering” in the signal from the cell towers and transmitting it to a “Beamer” that then redistributes it throughout the house. In EQO’s case, the exact opposite is true so lets go to the setup.

Preparing the EQO doesn’t require any technical ability whatsoever. Instead it relies on following a series of procedures once. The first thing to do is to find an area where the cellular signal is good — it might be by a window or in a room or location that nobody would be making a call from (an example being an attic or next to a picture window in the living room, for example). How to find such a location has been a head-scratcher and so many using such devices end up sticking the cellular collector near a window in the hopes that will work. The problem with this is that there’s no guarantee that this is where there will be a good signal. That’s why weBoost provides a solution that utilizes the cellphone and a “test” mode that will define the signal strength using decibels. Full instructions for doing this are provided, but a reasonable alternative for those unwilling or unable to do this is to locate an area where their cellphone reception is as high as possible.

With that understood, the “Booster” (cellular collector) is placed in that area with the small LED on its front facing inwards. It resembles a small black speaker and is powered by a wall outlet, so it is not designed for used outdoors. A coaxial cable is connected to it also, with the other end going to the “Antenna” which resembles the “Booster.” The coaxial cable connects to the “Antenna,” which can be placed so as to cover the area where the cellular signal is needed (i.e., being closer to those areas where phones are being used, any “dead zone” or in a more central spot overall). The “Antenna” has a small kickstand on its back but there’s also a rubber stopper-covered slot for wall hanging. The “Antenna” does not require any power.

What’s now going on is that the “Booster” is receiving cellular signals, amplifying them and transferring them to the “Antenna” which is now distributing them onward. This amplification is seen as being typically up to 32X, which means that a very good cellular signal is now being received. Those using a phone will not notice any difference in what they’re doing — just that they’ve a much better signal than before (or a signal now where there was none at all — since there’s nothing they need to do to now have this improved signal (other than occasionally check the LED lights on the “Booster” to ensure that it is functioning efficiently and correctly). And since the EQO works with all cellular providers , running the MHz range of those providing signals via cell towers, any phone now benefits from the cellular signal amplification.

The EQO Cell Phone Signal Booster provides cellular reception where there was little or none before and provides this unobtrusively and without the need for any ongoing maintenance. With cellphone use now ubiquitous and having replaced landlines, being cut off at home isn’t an option. With the EQO it isn’t a problem either.


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