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FOX 11 Los Angeles Reviews the weBoost eqo Signal Booster

Nicholas Jones | July 8, 2016

For many people, cellphone signal quality is still an issue. From those living in rural areas, to those in densely populated urban landscapes, service can vary from location to location. The folks at weBoost have come up with a solution which actually does solve the problem. Check out our review of the weBoost Eqo.

In the video, Tshaka mentions the dB gain achieved by our “testers.” Below is a breakdown of the gain in signal strength (dB) our testers’ phones achieved when set next to the weBoost antenna. *Lower numbers = stronger signal

Kelly’s phone 6Plus, Verizon: -115, -101, -93—- -91dB Katie’s phone, iPhone 6, AT&T: 0 (no service) 1 bar Patrick’s phone 6Plus, AT&T: 0 (no service) 2 to 3 bars and LTE Jeffrey’s phone 6Plus, AT&T: 0 (no service) 1 TO 2 bars and LTE Shaka’s work phone Note 4, Sprint: -106 ——— -101dB Shaka’s personal (review unit phone) Honor 5, T-mobile: -107 ——- -100 gained a bar Tony McEwing Note 4, Verizon: -122 —- -116 went from 0 bars to 2 with LTE intermittent