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How to improve poor cell phone reception inside a 100-year-old solid granite building

Nicholas Jones | May 29, 2015

How can we get better cell phone coverage inside a century-old building constructed of solid granite?

The building in question is the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City, built between 1911 and 1916. The people asking to improve cell phone service were lobbyists, who work at the capitol during the annual legislative session.

Click above to see a short video that tells the interesting real-life story.

The work space set up for lobbyists is located in the Capitol basement. As you can imagine, their 2,000-square-foot office area below a solid stone structure had really bad cell phone reception – to the point that trying to make or receive a call was virtually impossible.

Fortunately, the lobbyists found a solution to extend cell phone range to cover their basement work space. Click above to watch the video.


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