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weBoost helps connect Drivin’ and Vibin’

Emily Fisher | April 17, 2017

We installed our first WeBoost cell booster almost one year ago and our RV Life hasn’t been the same since.

Cell Boosters serve one function: to increase & amplify cell signal. This means we can go from a weak 1 or 2 bar signal where we’re dropping calls to a full 4 or 5 bar signal with vocal clarity. The booster also increases cellular internet speeds. At rural boondocking locations we’ve been able to amplify an unusable cell signal into a strong signal capable of streaming music and movies.

The New WeBoost RV Booster

Wilson Electronics recently released a WeBoost Cell Booster made specifically for RV travelers. The 4G-X unit uses the same reliable boosting station, but has upgraded many of its other features to suit the unique needs of RVers.

Sleek Exterior Antenna

The first feature to receive a make-over in this RV package was the exterior antenna. The updated antenna is sleek and easy to install. It’s white coloring and soft curves allow it to blend into the RV’s shape without being an eyesore or looking like a bulky addition. It also easily mounts to an exterior ladder, making installation fast and simple.

Our testing proved that the antenna can pull some powerful signal as well. We’ll show you the results in just a bit!

Powerful Interior Antenna

Separating itself from the previous 4G-X packages, the interior antenna also received a serious upgrade. This antenna is used to spread an amplified signal throughout the cabin of an RV and compared to older models, this antenna can powerfully do just that. We noticed a larger signal spread, but also found it hard to gauge specifics given the tiny interior of our camper.

Hard Wire Option

The two previous Cell Boosters we installed were made to be used in vehicles (cars & semi-trucks). Because of this, they received their power through a DC automobile power adapter. Another defining detail of the RV package is that it gives you the option to hardwire directly to the RV’s internal DC power. We love this option because it frees-up a power outlet and gives the booster constant access to the battery power of the RV.

Clear Install Instructions

The last aspect of the RV package that we find helpful is the packaging. Each component is packaged in its own box with numbered steps on each individual box. With the previous WeBoost systems that we’ve installed, it was kind of “figure it out as you go” because we had to adapt automobile installation instructions to make sense in our trailer.

This RV package takes away any installation guess work with its clearly marked and compartmentalized instructions.

Test Results

We set up the RV Booster and tested its functionality! Let us first note, at our current location we’re already receiving a strong cell signal so we won’t be able to test the booster in extreme conditions. But, we’ll still give it a whirl and see what type of measurable gains we’re receiving.

The first test was with our T-Mobile hotspot. The download speeds remained the same with the booster on and off (right around 10mbps). However, we did see an over 200% gain in upload speeds with the booster on! Check out this article to learn how to boost mobile hotspot speed for your device.

Next we tested our AT&T cell phone data speeds. As you can see, there is about a 15% increase overall in both upload and download speeds.


Since we began using the WeBoost line of products we’ve seen large differences in our cellular abilities, both with calling and using the internet. This RV package offers a lot of customized features that make it a good option for those who travel often. We recommend checking out their product line and finding which option works best for you.