What Can I do About Poor Cell Signal in My Small Business?

Nicholas Jones | November 13, 2018

Small business owners know the importance of communication and customer service. Whether you own a retail shop, a startup, or any other kind of small business, it can be hard work. As every business owners knows, work takes up a lot of a business owner’s time and energy, and the last thing anyone wants to worry about is poor cell signal.

For many reasons, it’s vital to have strong cell signal in your small business. If you’re one of the millions of people who has nixed a landline, you’ll still need cell signal to make and take important phone calls, or download and upload from to and from the Web. If your business is service based, dropped calls, slow download speeds, and slow browser loads can have a long-lasting, negative impact on your how your customers view you.

For product-based businesses, customers shopping in a storefront also place importance on being able to make and receive calls or access high download or upload speeds, especially in the age of sharing via social media. Allowing your customers to show they’re shopping in your store is good for business and provides exposure, but that exposure won’t come if your customers can’t connect to the internet.

And, with more customers using their cellular devices to pay for transactions with apps like Apple Pay, they’re also more concerned about secure connections. You don’t want to entrust your customers’ personal financial data to an unsecure Wi-Fi connection.

No matter what kind of business you own, customer service can be made easier with a good cell signal. With that in mind, there are ways to identify and improve a poor cell signal within a small business.

Identify dead zones

It’s hard for business owners to conduct business when calls are continually being dropped or not connecting in the first place. Dreaded dead zones — areas with no or very weak cell signal — are often the reason behind dropped calls.

There are different reasons dead zones can occur. For offices or shops located right in the heart of a big city, the culprit could be a large concrete or brick building blocking the signal from the nearest cell tower. For those who are located in a rural or sparsely populated area, cell towers are more spaced out, causing areas of low signal.

If there’s a specific area in which your small business experiences dead zones, try to keep track of where they are. While just knowing the location(s) of these dead zones can’t solve your problems, those are typically the best areas for cell phone amplifiers.  

Lower network traffic

If you’ve ever tried to surf the Web or stream TV shows during certain times of the day, particularly in well-populated areas (such as arenas or convention centers), you might have noticed slower download speeds or longer loading times. This is generally due to increased network traffic. In other words, many other people are also trying to surf the Web or check their social media accounts and it creates a sort of traffic jam, just like on the freeway.

While you can’t control when other people are using the Internet, you can plan your calls, downloads, and streaming around these high-traffic times. However, this option is too often inconvenient.

Solutions for Your Business

While you could spend your time avoiding dead zones and trying to plan calls around low-traffic times, there are more productive ways to beat poor cell signal. There are ways to boost cell signal in buildings and offices, and they vary in price and effectiveness. Expensive fiber-optic networks are one option, but their price point makes them difficult for average people or small business owners to afford.

A cell signal booster may be the very thing your business needs to operate at peak efficiency. There are many different types of boosters to suit different needs, but they all operate on the same basic idea: picking up the nearest cell tower’s signal and amplifying it where ever you need it most. Whether you need to improve signal in your small or large office, or even in your mid-sized warehouse, we have a booster that will fit your needs.

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