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Verizon Partnership Announcement

May 17, 2016

Author: Tom Lerner, Wilson Electronics We at Wilson Electronics have long believed that signal boosters are the key to extending the last mile of carr...

How Can I Boost My Cell Phone Signal? Try These 5 Actionable Tips

May 10, 2016

We all experience situations or perhaps specific locations where our cell reception is lousy but we need to make a call or send a text or an email rig...

Tested features the weBoost eqo

May 9, 2016

We review the WeBoost EQO, a cell phone booster that works by picking up cellular signals from an area with good reception and amplifying it to an are...

weBoost eqo featured on TechSource

May 8, 2016

Do you constantly get dropped calls or low signal on your phone? Then the Weboost Eqo might be for you.