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What is a ‘soft install’ and do I need to do one?

February 26, 2016

  A couple of comments on previous blog posts brought me to the topic of this post – the “soft” install. One of the comments on our recent post Settin...

Setting up the eqo Booster

February 18, 2016

  This post discusses how to set up the soon-to-be-launched eqo Home Cell Booster. If you’ve previously read this blog or checked out our YouTube chan...

New Gizmo Blog Reviews The Drive 4G-M

February 1, 2016

Tech to the rescue with the weBoost 4G-M Mobile Booster http://newgizmoblog.com/2016/02/01/tech-to-the-rescue-with-the-weboost-4g-m-mobile-booster/ Te...

Nerd Reactor Reviews the Drive 4G-S

February 1, 2016

http://nerdreactor.com/2016/02/01/weboost-drive-4g-s-review/ It’s been somewhat of a struggle to review a product meant for those without proper 4g co...