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What is Antenna Separation and Why it’s Important

December 2, 2015

When installing a cell phone signal booster system, antenna separation is important because when the tower (outside) antenna and device (inside) anten...

Find the best location for your cell phone signal booster antennas

November 24, 2015

In this post we discuss how to find the best locations for your cell phone signal booster antennas in order to assure optimal system performance. Chec...

Wilson Electronics Onboards New Sales Director to Push Booster Awareness

October 13, 2015

ST. GEORGE, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Wilson Electronics, the global leader in cellular signal boosters, today announced that industry mainstay Curtis Burk...

Find the Signal Strength of Your iPhone using Field Test Mode

October 6, 2015

A few weeks back I posted about finding the signal strength in decibels (dBm) on an Android phone, and I promised then to post similar instructions fo...