Mid-Sized Home & Office Cell Boosters

Cell signal connectivity issues continue to bog down millions of Americans. weBoost’s cell phone boosters for homes and offices ensure you never have to struggle to find a signal again. Our medium-sized home and office cell signal boosters are ideal for spaces up to 5,000 square feet. Browse weBoost’s selection of office & home cell phone and network boosters to find the best device for your specifications. If your device needs are for a smaller space, view our small home & office signal boosters, or for a larger space, our large home & office signal boosters
Home MultiRoom
Home MultiRoom is the ideal home cell signal booster for those experiencing weak signal or connectivity issues in a specific area ...
  • Max Room Size (Sq. Ft.)
  • Network Speed
    3G4G LTE
  • Number of Users
  • Max Gain
  • Antenna

Works on every network, on any carrier.