Works with all U.S. Carriers and Cellular Devices

Drive Sleek OTR

Cell Signal Booster for Trucks

Drive 4G-X Fleet

Cell Signal Booster for Fleet Vehicles

These powerful products boost cell signal for all U.S. cell carriers and extend your cellular range. When in use, these boosters will enable faster download speeds and provide up to two hours additional talk time in weak-signal areas. All components for installation are included in one package, and should you encounter any difficulty our U.S.-based customer support is ready to assist you. All of our products come with a 2-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Trucker antenna 3-way mount is compatible with existing CB mounting points

  • Antenna comes complete with spring, variable length mast and coax

  • Cradle fits all size phones

  • Up to 23 decibles (dB) gain

Available at:

  • Inside antenna boosts signal for multiple cellular devices simultaneously

  • High performance NMO-style external antenna (requires professional installation)

  • Enhances 4G LTE, as well as 3G and 2G network signals

  • Up to 50 decibles (dB) gain (max allowed by FCC)

WarningWarning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

How it Works

On Trucks
On Fleets


The booster reaches out to the cell tower to access voice and data signals.



The booster receives the outside signal, amplifies it up to and sends it to the inside antenna.



The inside antenna broadcasts the boosted signal to devices inside the vehicle.