Blog  December 3, 2016

What causes weak cell phone signal & dropped calls?

 We all know how frustrating it is when you need to use your cell phone but you can’t get a signal. Or perhaps worse, you place a call but then the connection drops.Why can’t we just get a reliable cell signal?The answer is pretty simple. There are only two things that cause poor cell reception – distance and obstructions.Everybody gets why distance is a problem. Obviously if I’m too far from the nearest cell tower, the ...Read More


9 reasons you should have a cell booster for winter road trips

Blog  November 17, 2016

9 reasons you should have a cell booster for winter road trips

Next week is the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. - and the traditional start of winter travel season. By random accident of the calendar some of our biggest holiday celebrations of the year happen during winter months, which across much of North America include the potential for nasty weather.Those winter holiday plans typically involve family or travel, and often both. For many of us that means packing everyone into the car for a road trip ...Read More

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5 Cell Phone Booster Myths

Blog  November 4, 2016

5 Myths About Cell Phone Signal Boosters

  As more and more people find that their lives and work have become bound to their phones, weak or spotty cell signal has consistently become less and less acceptable at home, in the workplace and even on the go.That’s a big reason why many people have increasingly taken an interest in cell phone signal boosters.And like other newer, continuously developing technologies that began their lives unregulated but later were placed under government regulation, there have ...Read More

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Blog  October 28, 2016

Losing cell phone signal can be spooky

What's a horror film without someone losing cell signal? In honor of Halloween we've compiled a list of scary movie quotes where a signal mishap is involved. It's too bad these poor characters didn't know about weBoost! Save yourself terror, or maybe just frustration, by getting a booster that works for your home or vehicle. Have a safe, fun and connected Halloween!"No one can get a signal up here." -When a Stranger CallsVacancy, 2007"I'm calling ...Read More

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how to get cell coverage in remote areas

Blog  October 20, 2016

How to get cell coverage in remote areas

  One of the many applications at which cell signal boosters work best is providing coverage in remote locations.In fact when Jim Wilson built the first cell phone signal booster back in the late '90's, getting reception in a remote area was his primary motivation.Jim's house was far enough out of town that when he tried to phone home from his office, spotty cell coverage around his home often would prevent the call from going through.Jim's ...Read More

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