how to get cell coverage in remote areas

Blog  October 20, 2016

How to get cell coverage in remote areas

  One of the many applications at which cell signal boosters work best is providing coverage in remote locations.In fact when Jim Wilson built the first cell phone signal booster back in the late '90's, getting reception in a remote area was his primary motivation.Jim's house was far enough out of town that when he tried to phone home from his office, spotty cell coverage around his home often would prevent the call from going through.Jim's ...Read More

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cell phone battery icon

Blog  September 29, 2016

Extend your cell phone battery life

 I’m convinced cell phone users have been complaining about battery life since Martin Cooper made the first cell phone call in 1973.While other cell phone technologies have advanced rapidly – as one example we have bigger, brighter, higher-rez screens than ever – battery technology advances haven’t kept pace.Everyone needs their phone battery to last longer. Everyone also knows you can buy a battery case or an extended life battery for your phone.But here are some ...Read More

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weboost connect-4g-x cell signal booster

Blog  September 22, 2016

What do you know about cell phone boosters?

 Nowadays pretty much everyone owns a cell phone.The people at the Pew Research Center, which tracks mobile global phone ownership and use, says the actual numbers in 2015 were 92 percent of the U.S. total adult population and 83 percent in Canada.1According to Pew, almost three in four Americans own a smartphone and two of three Canadians.High expectations of service Most of us have our phone with us 24/7, and expected to be able to use ...Read More

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cell phone signal booster apps

Blog  September 15, 2016

Why cell phone booster apps don’t work

Apps won't boost your cell signal. Only a a cell booster system will. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just put an app on your phone that amplifies your cell signal like a booster system does?We’d all love an app like that.No surprise, some apps claim to do exactly that – boost your cell signal.Is there an app for that? Just for fun sometime go to your preferred app store and search ‘cell phone signal booster.’You ...Read More

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Sprint cell signal booster

Blog  September 1, 2016

Why you need a Sprint signal booster

 Sprint is fourth largest among the U.S. nationwide cell service providers, and claims the Sprint network has the fastest data download rates among the four largest U.S. cell phone carriers. Even so, some Sprint users find they can’t get reliable coverage so they need a cell signal booster in their home, office or vehicle.The natural reaction when this happens is to call out the Sprint network and blame them for the bad signal. But isolating ...Read More

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