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Blog  July 26, 2016

The top 5 road trip apps for 2016

 Road trip season is here! Returning to the road trip theme from our July 5th post, here is our list of the top 5 apps for your next road trip!1. Waze No surprise here since we mentioned Waze by name in our previous post on must-have road trip tech. Waze is a navigation app that is constantly updated by wazers (as users of the app are known) to provide you the best routes available. It alerts you ...Read More

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T-Mobile signal booster

Blog  July 21, 2016

T-Mobile Signal Booster

 T-Mobile is the third largest nationwide cell service provider in the U.S., and claims to be the fastest growing of the major carriers. But despite this success, there are T-Mobile customers who struggle to get reliable cell reception inside their home, in the workplace, or in their vehicle.When this happens the natural reaction is to blame T-Mobile for the bad signal. But it’s not that simple. In fact, in poor signal situations it’s usually not the carrier’s fault ...Read More

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Blog  July 14, 2016

Five reasons truck drivers (and everyone else) need to stay connected on the road

  We’ve talked before about how important it is for truck drivers to stay connected on the road. But the truth is, cellular connectivity on the road nowadays is vital for pretty much anyone who drives any distance at all. Below we’ve listed five reasons why this is true.An emergency You need to maintain connectivity on the road because an emergency can pop up suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere. If your truck starts acting up on you, ...Read More

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Blog  July 5, 2016

Five tech essentials for your summer road trip

 Summer is road trip time. It’s a tradition, right? You pack up the family for a road trip vacation to visit relatives or just to see the sights. Maybe you call up your buddies to hit the road for some summertime adventure.Whatever your motivation, some gear is standard equipment for any road trip. You need a cooler full of ice and everyone’s favorite soft drinks. Don’t forget your travel mug to securely accommodate your hot ...Read More

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