9 reasons you should have a cell booster for winter road trips

November 17, 2016 — by KEN PERKINS


9 reasons you should have a cell booster for winter road trips

9 reasons you should have a cell booster for winter road trips

Next week is the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. – and the traditional start of winter travel season. By random accident of the calendar some of our biggest holiday celebrations of the year happen during winter months, which across much of North America include the potential for nasty weather.

Those winter holiday plans typically involve family or travel, and often both. For many of us that means packing everyone into the car for a road trip to Gramma’s house. Or maybe driving for hours with friends to get home and visit parents and siblings during your break from classes.

There is no shortage of online sources for how to prepare for winter road trips and what to bring along just in case, so we’ll skip that stuff that here. Instead we offer some excellent reasons why you should without fail include a cell phone signal booster among the gear you carry when winter road-tripping.

If you read this blog occasionally you know a booster can assure strong, reliable cell signal during what would otherwise be dead cell zones or long stretches of spotty coverage.

Here’s 9 reasons why you need one on winter road trips.

#1 – In case of emergency
By definition emergencies are unexpected and serious. Whether medical in nature, or mechanical, or weather related, always being able to use your phone while on the road means you can quickly find or summon the help you need when you need it.

#2 – To monitor your weather app
Many weather apps now are hyper-local so you know within a 20-minute window when the cold front will hit or the storm will blow through. If you find yourself racing against bad weather, access to your app’s real-time updates helps you get to Grandma’s house first and avoid any nasty winter surprises.

#3 – To check your navigation app
Having access to Google Maps or other GPS nav can be critical, especially when traffic or weather conditions force you to take an unplanned alternate route.

#4 – If you have car trouble
Don’t let a flat tire, dead battery or low-speed slide into a snow bank ruin your holiday like that guy in the photo above! With solid cell coverage you can quickly call AAA for a tow or a jump start.

#5 – Keep the kids (or the adults) entertained
Hold the “Are we there yet?” and “How much longer?” to a minimum, with cell connectivity in your vehicle that allows passengers to play games, watch videos, chat with friends, etc, as you travel down the road toward your holiday destination.

#6 – To find gas, food or other roadside services
There are lots of road tripper apps out there designed to help you find anything you need along the journey – the lowest priced gas station, the nearest location of your favorite fast food place, maybe a unique local eatery or other unusual attraction. Here’s an earlier post on our Top 5 road trip apps for 2016.

#7 – For safety/security
With our busy lives and demanding schedules there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get away for your holiday road trip later than you planned. But even if you end up driving on unfamiliar roads in the dark, you’ll know that help is just a quick cell phone call away should you need it.

# 8 – If work needs you
I know, right? It’s supposed to be a holiday, but stuff happens. Since we all live in the real world you know very well your office may try to contact you, even when you’re on the road. With solid cell reception, it won’t be a problem. And who knows? Maybe it’s YOU who will need to call the office, rather than the other way round.

#9 – To phone Gramma
If you’re delayed for any reason you’ll want to let G-Ma know so she won’t worry so much. Or maybe she’ll phone YOU to find out your updated ETA. Perhaps you just would like to know what time the turkey will come out of the oven. With a signal booster in the vehicle, cell connectivity is always available.


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Cell Booster for winter road trip


Cell booster for winter road trip



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