weBoost 314475 | Wilson 314475 | 75 Ohm Wide Band Directional Antenna
Wide Band Directional Antenna | 75 Ohm Wide Band Antenna | 314475 - weBoost

Wide Band Directional Antenna (75 Ohm)

Works on all carriers
Wide Band Directional Antenna | 75 Ohm Wide Band Antenna | 314475 - weBoost
Product Description

SKU 314475. 11.4" 4G Wide-Band Directional Antenna, 75 Ohm, designed for pole mount with 9" of low-loss RG6 and F-Female connector. Includes mounting hardware.


- Works on all worldwide cellular bands for voice and 4G data: LTE/CDMA/GSM/UMTS/AWS

- High performance for weBoost cellular repeater-boosters: 8 to 10 dBi broadband

- Designed for building exterior installation; direct at cell tower for best signal

- High efficiency and compact design

- UV stable white sealed radome

- Rugged and waterproof for all weather operation

- Simple install kit with tilt/swivel mast bracket for 1.25” to 2” diameter pipe/mast

- 2 year warranty

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Model Number 314475
Number of Elements9
Frequency700-800 MHz7.3 dB
824-894 MHz8.1 dB
880-960 MHz7.4 dB
1710-1880 MHz9.2 dB
1850-1990 MHz10.6 dB
2110-2170 MHz10.4 dB
Impedance75 ohms
Max Power100 watts
Height11.42 inches / 29 cm
weight3.31 lbs / 1.5 kg (With Mount)
MountMounts on pipe 0.5-1.5 inches in diameter
Wind Surface AreaM465 cm2
BracketsMax OD 2 Inches
Price $ 89.99
Availability In stock
In the box Each device comes with everything you need for a complete installation. You can also pick up extra parts to extend your installation, if you need help, just give us a call.




Quick Install Guide
Quick Install Guide
Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet
Wide Band Directional Antenna (75 Ohm)

This is a CONSUMER device.
BEFORE USE, you MUST REGISTER THIS DEVICE with your wireless provider and have your provider’s consent. Most wireless providers consent to the use of signal boosters. Some providers may not consent to the use of this device on their network. If you are unsure, contact your provider. You MUST operate this device with approved antennas and cables as specified by the manufacturer. Antennas MUST be installed at least 20 cm (8 inches) from any person. You MUST cease operating this device immediately if requested by the FCC or a licensed wireless service provider.

E911 location information may not be provided or may be inaccurate for calls served by using this device. Please note, the four largest carriers, namely, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint, and more than 90 regional carriers have given a blanket consent to all boosters meeting the new certification standards