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Lightning Surge Protector with 50 Ohm N-Female Connectors | 859902

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Works on every network, on any carrier.

Product Description

N-Female Connectors. 50 Ohm Surge Protector for Cell Phone Signal Booster Outdoor Antennas. Frequency Range up to 3 GHz. Attenuation is less than 0.2 dB. Requires additional ground cable. Replaceable gas discharge element part 859920.

 Commonly used with the Connect 4G-X.



Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Bisphenol A, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


Model Number:859902
Price$ 89.99

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    Asked by Storminnorman 4 years ago

    Question: Is this the protector to use with the 471104 booster?

    Answer: Thank you for reaching out to us. This the correct lighting surge protector for the 471104. You will want to purchase a 2' piece of cable to help this connect to your booster system. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us here:

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    Asked by TOOLS 4 years ago

    Question: Looking for part # 859902K

    Answer: Thank you for your question. The 859902K can be found through many of our online re-sellers, by typing that part number in to your internet search box. For additional questions you can reach us here:

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    Asked by JPierce 4 years ago

    Question: Gas fuses act as a "diverter" and only have continuity once the gas is hit with several hundred volts(or more), so it cannot be checked with a standard Ohm meter. How do you know when the fuse cartridge needs replaced? 

    Answer: Thank you for reaching out to us! Often times if the cartridge inside needs replaced you may notice a decrease in signal, but the cartridge will usually appear black in color or damaged. For additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us here through our online help center:

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    Asked by ads4 4 years ago

    Question: The box for the 50-Ohm lightning surge protector states it contains a replaceable fuse cartridge. How can I get to the cartridge, and where can I get a replacement?

    Answer: Thank you for your question! The replacement fuse part number for the 50 Ohm lightning surge protector is - 859920. We recommend reaching out to us when a cartridge needs replaced here, through our online support center:

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    Asked by Jimmy 4 years ago

    Question: Will I need a short length of LMR 400 cable to connect this to my 471104 or can I install it without anything extra?

    Answer: Thank you for the question. We do recommend using a 2 ft jumper of cable between the antenna and surge protector - 952302:

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    Asked by donw 5 years ago

    Question: I wanted to find directions for installation for the surge protector. I assume the ring termal is for a ground wire. I didn't know if we needed to install a ground rod to run it to or what the proper procedure was.

    Answer: There is a terminal at the top of the protector for inserting the grounding wire. We do not have any written material on how to install, only because we always recommend talking to your county electrician on proper grounding procedures. Each area can have different grounding requirements. We typically recommend 10 or 12 gauge copper wire.

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    BEFORE USE, you MUST REGISTER THIS DEVICE with your wireless provider and have your provider’s consent. Most wireless providers consent to the use of signal boosters. Some providers may not consent to the use of this device on their network. If you are unsure, contact your provider. You MUST operate this device with approved antennas and cables as specified by the manufacturer. Antennas MUST be installed at least 20 cm (8 inches) from any person. You MUST cease operating this device immediately if requested by the FCC or a licensed wireless service provider.


    E911 location information may not be provided or may be inaccurate for calls served by using this device. Please note, the four largest carriers, namely, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint, and more than 90 regional carriers have given a blanket consent to all boosters meeting the new certification standards