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The only commercial-grade cell signal booster with
included installation.

Buy. Schedule. Done. weBoost Installed | Office 200 just works, so you can focus on your business. Learn how we help small businesses increase sales, improve customer experience, and reliably communicate with employees. Call to Learn More

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Faster data speeds.
Happier customers and staff.

Our commercial-grade booster improves talk, text, and data on every carrier network and device. Paired with certified, professional installation, it’s the most cost- effective, turnkey solution to fix weak cell signal for good.

  • installation iconFastest time to installation anywhere in the US
  • coverage iconImproves cell coverage across 35,000 sq. ft. in ideal conditions
  • 5G icon5G compatible for all phones, devices, and POS systems
  • no fees iconOne-time payment. No subscriptions or fees
  • guarentee iconPositive reviews from coast to coast
  • xdr iconConstant cell connectivity with XDR technology
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weBoost Installed | Office 200

  • Certified Installation
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Why choose professional installation?

Using their expertise and training, along with professional tools and cable, your installer will optimize the performance of your weBoost Installed | Office 200 for the best cell signal coverage possible in your business while meeting all building fire and safety codes.

Compared to DIY installation, our included professional installation is a breeze.

Note: For both DIY and professional installation, the buyer must obtain permission from their landlord before permanently installing a cell signal booster kit.
Download our guide for the building owner

Installation Steps

DIY Installation

weBoost Office 200

Professional Installation

weBoost Installed | Office 200
Installation ProcessMulti-step process that requires roof access and routing cableDownload a cell signal finder app, locate the nearest cell tower, plan where to place the antennas and booster, access the roof, secure the outside antenna in an optimal location, secure the inside antennas in an optimal location, securely mount the booster, route cable, and test signal performance.Done
Installation ToolsInstaller dependentCell signal finder app, ladder, drill, antenna mounts or poles, specialized bits, hooks and mounts, RTV sealantDone
Validate Signal PerformanceInstaller dependentCellular Network Scanner is available for purchase Guaranteed
Meet Safety and Fire CodesInstaller dependentInstaller dependentGuaranteed
Certified TechnicianInstaller dependentInstaller dependentGuaranteed
Time to complete8 - 10 hours, your time8 - 10 hours, your time4 - 6 hours, no disruption

Questions?Talk with a product specialist today.Call 1-866-294-1660

How does installation work?

Trust the experts to get it done.

Certified installers will quickly and cleanly install our best-in-class booster, outside antenna, and inside antennas in your building. Using professional site survey equipment, they will optimize installation for the best cell coverage possible.

  • red schedule iconStep 1

    When you receive your booster kit, follow the included instructions to schedule your professional installation in less than 10 minutes.

  • grey installation iconStep 2

    To start, your installer will confirm where you need better cell signal. After conducting a short site survey, they’ll install the booster system to optimize cell signal performance. Finally, they’ll show you how much your coverage has improved.

  • cell signal iconStep 3

    All cell-connected devices in the business will instantly begin working more effectively. If you run into any problems, give us a call. Our Utah customer support team is happy to help.

When you receive your booster kit, follow the included instructions to schedule your professional installation in less than 10 minutes.

Personalized Service by highly-trained experts

Installation is completed by the #1 company for overall customer satisfaction in the USA according to J.D. Power.

  • 25 years of experience installing telecommunication solutions at small businesses
  • 4M+ successful installs and a 4.9-star Google rating
  • Consultation to ensure cell signal is improved in high-priority areas
  • Site survey to show before and after cell signal performance results
  • 60-day service warranty. If you are not 100% satisfied, a technician will make it right for no extra charge

Commercial-grade boosters for business

The weBoost Installed | Office 200 is engineered to improve cell signal in your small business. weBoost Installed | Office 200 features XDR technology, ensuring that the booster performs without interruption and maintains constant cellular connectivity. Each kit includes an outside antenna, two inside antennas, and a commercial-grade booster. All components are professionally installed using industrial cable, lightning surge protectors, and a cellular network scanner. With industrial equipment and professional training, your installer will optimize cell signal performance in your business.

Download the spec sheet

Why weBoost
Installed | Office 200?

  • Zero Interruption

    Most installations are completed in only a few hours. Your certified installer will make sure the job is done right in less than a day.

  • Unobtrusive Tech

    Your booster will be hidden from view, cables will be neatly routed, and the antennas discreetly secured.

  • Seamless Connectivity

    With two inside antennas broadcasting boosted cell signal, both customers and employees enjoy faster data speeds right away.

  • Safe and Secure

    Relax. No network access is required and included installation meets all fire safety standards. Anywhere in the US.

  • Made to Last

    Our 5G-compatible booster will work beyond the next decade to give you the fastest speeds on every carrier and device.

  • Warranty and Support

    30-day money-back guarantee. 60-day service warranty. 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Only with weBoost Installed | Office 200.

Reliable cell signal wherever you conduct business

It’s amazing what cellular technology can do to help run your business. But when it doesn’t work nothing is more frustrating. Shouldn’t technology just work?

weBoost Installed Office 200 seamlessly connects to all cellular-connected devices in your business for faster transactions, secure purchases, and better voice quality.

See what customers are saying.

I didn’t realize the important role of technology in our day-to-day operations. When we realized that the cell signal in our store was slowing customers’ ability to place orders, we installed weBoost to increase the reliability of our cell signal. Faster internet helps customers place orders more quickly and get their ice cream faster, which makes everyone happier.

Victoria Lai -
Ice Cream Jubilee
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weBoost makes the delivery and installation super turnkey. When you receive your amplifier kit, follow the included instructions to schedule your professional installation.
Appointments may be made as soon as the next day. It’s really fast and simple. And once the unit is installed, that’s it. There are no subscription fees or additional payments. Goodbye dropped calls!

Meri Cherry -
Meri Cherry Art Studio
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Frequently Asked Questions

weBoost Installed | Office 200

How long does professional installation take?

4 - 6 hours. Each installation is customized to meet the cellular coverage needs of your business. Our certified installers will optimize the placement of the booster and antennas for the best performance possible, which can sometimes take more time. Typically installation can be scheduled within one week of receiving the weBoost Installed | Office 200 cell signal booster kit. Each installation comes with a 60-day service guarantee where a technician will return to your business to troubleshoot any problems that may arise free of charge.

Will the weBoost Installed | Office 200 boost office WiFi?

No, not directly. As a cellular signal booster, the weBoost Installed | Office 200 will only boost office WiFi when your devices are connected through a cellular modem or hotspot.

Will the weBoost Installed | Office 200 boost outdoor cell service?

No. The weBoost Installed | Office 200 is certified for indoor use only. Both the booster and inside antennas must remain indoors at all times.

Note: The Office 200 enhances an existing outdoor signal. If you do not have a cellular signal while outdoors, then the Office 200 cannot create a signal for you.

Is there a 50 ohm version of the weBoost Installed | Office 200?

No. Our weBoost Installed | Office 200 is a 75 ohm product. This version is compatible with the cabling our technicians use for installation.

Can I buy the weBoost Installed | Office 200 without installation?

Yes. While the weBoost Installed | Office 200 includes our professional installation, you can purchase our Office 200 and install the booster yourself. DIY installation takes approximately 8 to 10 hours and requires a drill, mounting the outside antenna to the roof of your building, and RTV sealant.

Do you offer professional installation of the weBoost Installed | Office 200 to areas outside the United States?

No. The weBoost Installed | Office 200 is only available to businesses located in the United States. Our certified technicians can fulfill installation requests to any commercial address in any U.S. zip code.

For DIY installation, we offer versions of the Office 100 and Office 200 in Canada. Any other countries are incompatible with boosters sold through

Will the weBoost Installed | Office 200 work in large commercial spaces?

No. The weBoost Installed | Office 200 is best for small-to-medium businesses. It’s recommended for coverage up to 15,000 sq. ft. and rated for up to 35,000 sq. ft. in ideal conditions. For an enterprise solution that increases cell signal across a large building, please visit WilsonPro.

How do I install a weBoost cell phone signal booster?

To install a weBoost booster kit, download the weBoost app. Designed to provide guided installation instructions, videos, and information to help you install the outside antenna, booster, inside antenna, and signal-carrying cables. Follow the step-by-step instructions to install your booster the right way, the first time. The app will start by measuring your current cell signal, then finalize installation by showing how much your coverage has improved. The proof is in the app.

Not enough cell signal or internet to download the app before install?

Don’t worry. We include a printed installation guide with every booster kit.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Read our Consumer Guide to Cell Phone Signal Boosters.

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