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Best Portable Signal Boosters for Your Cell Phone

Posted on 11/26/2023 by Rich Edwards

According to research by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Americans collectively spend 70 billion hours behind the wheel over a year. Every week, drivers travel more than 220 miles. Combined with the fact that 96% of Americans now own and use a cell phone and it’s easy to see why reliable cellular connectivity on the road is so important in today’s world.

The ability to make and receive calls is particularly important for drivers traveling alone across long distances in remote locations; situations where having a strong cell signal can be a lifeline.

Of course, without a portable cell signal booster installed in your vehicle, accessibility to reliable cell coverage isn’t always possible; regardless of the carrier, you use. Whether you’re on your daily commute or simply driving around town running errands, we all know of a familiar spot or two on our route where the cell signal diminishes and the likelihood of a dropped call increases.

If you’re looking to improve the cell reception in your car, truck, van, or SUV, it may be time to finally get a cell signal booster. But what’s the best portable cell phone signal booster for you?

The following are a few product recommendations, based on different use scenarios and needs.

Best portable cell signal booster for a single device: Drive Sleek

Drive Sleek

Despite the resurgence of public transit, the single-occupant vehicle continues to dominate as the most popular form of travel. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 76.4 %of workers drove alone to work each day; in contrast to the 9.4% who carpooled or the 5.2% on public transit.

For the solo driver, the weBoost Drive Sleek is an ideal portable cell phone signal booster.

Designed to boost cell coverage for any phone that fits within its adjustable cradle (between 5.1” and 7.5” in length), the Drive Sleek by weBoost is great for daily commuter use. It comes with both a magnetic vent clip and a dash cradle mount to offer convenient, hands-free operation.

Best portable cell signal booster for camping: Destination RV

After you own an RV, you quickly realize that the more scenic the location or remote the campsite is, the less likely it has good cell reception. In those situations, there is one obvious solution.

weBoost Destination RV cell phone signa booster packaging on table

The weBoost Destination RV. Equipped with a 24-foot telescoping antenna pole and outside directional antenna, it’s capable of maximizing the faintest cell signals from surrounding cell towers in your area. Because of this antenna configuration, the Destination RV by weBoost can only be used while your RV or towable trailer is parked; not a problem during an extended camp stay.

With this portable cell signal booster, you and your fellow campers can make calls, send texts, check emails, and continue your social media activity all at once. Plus, the telescoping antenna is made for quick setup; taking only about 10 minutes to get in place once at your campground.

Best portable cell signal booster all around: Drive Reach

When it comes to sheer power, there’s no better portable cell signal booster than the weBoost Drive Reach. Capable of providing cell signal coverage in the most remote locations, weBoost’s most powerful booster reaches cell towers at distances up to 101% farther than the Drive Sleek.

As a multi-user booster, it offers enhanced signal for multiple devices and users at once. Drive Reach

Easily installed in minutes without tools, the Drive Reach by weBoost puts an end to dropped calls while improving voice quality data speeds, and streaming capability for everyone inside your vehicle; regardless of their carrier, phone, or cellular-connected device. It also features a rapid-charge USB-A port in its power supply to keep the driver’s phone charged up on the go.

Why everyone should have a portable cell signal booster

Whichever product is right for you, you owe it to yourself, your family, or anyone you travel to invest in a portable cell phone signal booster. Everyone enjoys the ability to use their phones or cellular-connected devices, wherever the road takes them. Best of all, having a vehicle cell signal booster can also provide you with security and peace of mind in an emergency situation.

To learn more about weBoost’s portable cell phone signal booster products, click below.

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