How a Hotspot Booster Can Increase Mobile Hotspot Speed

Nicholas Jones | August 5, 2019

Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots are a wonderful technology. They take cell signal and make a data connection available to Wi-Fi enabled devices, even those that can’t connect to cellular networks.

But in areas with spotty or nonexistent cell coverage, hotspots won’t be able to give you the reliable, fast data connection that you need. How will you stream your Netflix episodes and browse social media on a long car ride without a reliable hotspot?

Fortunately, there are solutions that can make a weak hotspot signal work even in locations with questionable cell signal. Read on to learn how a hotspot booster can increase your hotspot’s speed whether you’re on the road or working in a remote area.

What is a Mobile Hotspot and How Does it Work?

A mobile hotspot is basically a Wi-Fi connection that comes from your cell phone. You’re able to connect to this Wi-Fi with multiple devices and use to browse the internet or send emails. However, keep in mind that using your phone as a hotspot can eat away at your data quickly, especially as more devices use the connection.

Think of a mobile hotspot as portable Wi-Fi since you can access this connection anywhere you have cellular signal. This is especially helpful for devices like laptops that can’t connect to cellular signal allowing you to work or browse wherever you are.

Using a mobile hotspot differs by phone type and model. See below for instructions on how to use your phone as a hotspot.

For iPhones:

  • Go to “Settings” then click on “Personal Hotspot”
  • Toggle the hotspot function on
  • You can now connect to the hotspot from other devices by clicking on the name of your iPhone and typing in the password given
  • Note: You are also able to connect using Bluetooth, USB or through Wi-Fi

For Androids, the steps vary much more on how to turn the hotspot on. Check out this article here to get detailed instructions for your android phone model.

Why is My Hotspot so Slow?

There are many reasons why your hotspot is lagging in speed.

It could be that you are in a dead zone where there aren’t any cell towers close by so your phone struggles to get a solid signal. When you aren’t getting reliable LTE or 4G cell signal, this affects how your hotspot will perform. When you have dropped calls, slow data and texts won’t deliver these factors indicate that you aren’t near a cell tower.

You also may be too far away from the hotspot which makes the signal less strong. Make sure you are within at least 15ft of the mobile hotspot.

Having too many users connected to the same hotspot can also drastically slow the hotspot speed. Try connecting fewer devices in this case.

Easy Tips to Make Your Hotspot Faster

Now that you’ve learned why your hotspot speed is slow, let’s jump into how to boost your hotspot signal. Try these troubleshooting tips below to make your Wi-Fi hotspot faster!

1. Try changing the location of your hotspot. Try different rooms of your apartment, or even another level of your house, to see if you get better cell reception. Cellular signal tends to fluctuate inside buildings, so by trying different locations you can often find a place that provides better reception.

2. You can also try placing the hotspot next to a window. Building materials tend to obstruct cellular signals, and glass may allow the signal to pass through more readily than, say, brick walls or your roof’s radiant barrier.

3. Better still, use either of the tips above in conjunction with a cell tower locater. You can easily download apps or find websites that show you the precise locations in your area of cell towers for the various carriers.

4. When you know where your carrier’s nearest cell tower is located, you can place the hotspot next to a window or on that side of your home nearest the tower. To find these tools, go to your app store or use a favorite search engine to find cell tower locator maps. There are multiple options to choose from.

5. Make sure there aren’t any apps running in the background and using data as this will slow down your hotspot. Many social media or location-based apps will continue to run even though you aren’t actively using them.

How to Boost Your Hotspot with a Booster

If all else fails to boost your hotspot speed, you may need a cell phone signal booster. A booster provides a strong, reliable cell signal for your hotspot, ensuring your devices that depend on that Wi-Fi have the data connectivity you need.

This allows you to have a fast hotspot without changing your location or planning where there will be strong cell coverage while traveling.

If you’re using a hotspot in your home or office, any weBoost home cell phone signal booster will work well for this purpose. Place the hotspot as close as you can to the indoor (device) antenna, so it receives the strongest possible signal.

If your vehicle doubles as your mobile office or you need to keep the kids entertained during an extended family road trip, a hotspot can be indispensable. And as you drive a cell signal booster will ensure that Wi-Fi data traffic keeps flowing without interruption.

Watch this video to learn more.

How Boosters Help with Car Hotspots

Cell phone boosters for cars will boost your data connection, which in turn makes your hotspot speed faster. This means that any passengers in the car can connect to the hotspot and browse the internet with ease.

Without the hotspot in use, passengers will still experience faster data and stronger cell signal with the signal booster installed in the vehicle.

A cradle hotspot speed booster for your vehicle like weBoost’s Drive Sleek will both hold your hotspot device securely in place AND boost the signal. If you need a boosted signal for your cell phone as well as a hotspot, a wireless vehicle booster like weBoost’s Drive Reach will do the trick.

These car cell phone boosters send an amplified cell signal to all cellular-enabled devices in your vehicle. So, the kids with their tablets in the back seat stay entertained and you can still answer an incoming call with your wireless headset.

An added benefit is that in poor signal areas the cell phone booster will also increase your data speeds for faster uploads and downloads. And it’ll also give you a longer battery life since your phone isn’t roaming for cell signal.

Looking for the Best Hotspot Booster for Your Needs?

Read on below to find some of the best hotspot cell phone signal boosters for your situation, whether that be in a home or vehicle. These boosters will allow you to have a stronger hotspot capability wherever you need it most.

Powerful weBoost signal boosters 

  • Work on all U.S. carriers, including Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and more
  • Come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Are available for a one-time purchase with no recurring fees or subscriptions
  • Include a 30-day money-back guarantee and U.S.-based customer support
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