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Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Rural Areas

Posted on 02/17/21 by Nicholas Jones

A substantial digital divide persists between rural and urban areas. The most advanced wireless technologies have yet to reach smaller, less-developed communities. But the needs for connectivity are just as great in your neck of the woods as they are in the big city. We all depend more and more on reliable cellular service for making calls, texting, working and studying remotely, and shopping online. It’s not just a luxury anymore.

If you find yourself standing outside or by your window in hopes of grabbing an elusive signal in your rural location, take heart. A cell phone signal booster can bring your poor-signal dead zone to life. weBoost offers an extensive line of products that amplify cellular signal where cell towers come few and far between. Our boosters have the power to pick up weak signal from far-off cell towers, bring it to your location, and beef it up to keep you connected for work, play, or emergencies.

With so many cell phone booster options, how can you know which product will actually work for you? We’ve made it easier to choose with this list of our best cell phone boosters for remote areas. If you live (or travel) off the grid, on a remote farm, or in the mountains, we can help you boost your cell 4G, 5G, LTE, and internet signal with these state-of-the-art cell phone boosters.

For the Rural Home

Enjoy clearer calls, enhanced hotspot capabilities, and faster data speeds in your rural location. Experience connectivity the way it should be with our selection of powerful residential cell phone boosters.

weBoost Home Studio

The weBoost Home Studio is a residential cell phone signal booster optimized for smaller living spaces. With its sleek, two-component design, the Home Studio is the most compact booster in our residential lineup. It also allows for the simplest DIY installation.

weBoost Home Room

The weBoost Home Room is our standard cell phone signal booster for residences. It’s designed to increase signal strength for a small home, an apartment, or a room up to 1,500 square feet. Our Home Room solution allows for drill-free installation for added convenience.

weBoost Home MultiRoom

The weBoost Home MultiRoom is our second most powerful residential booster. It boosts cell phone signal in remote homes up to 5,000 square feet. This amplifier targets your home’s weak signal areas and gives you up to 91% more coverage than the Home Room.

weBoost Home Complete

The weBoost Home Complete is our best install-it-yourself cell signal booster. This booster kit includes everything you need for installation in your large home or small business. With 72 dB max gain, the weBoost Home Complete provides maximum cellular coverage for your rural home.

weBoost Installed | Home Complete

The weBoost Installed | Home Complete is our most powerful signal booster for residential use. It reaches cell towers up to 26% farther than the Home MultiRoom reaches. The booster covers up to 7,500 square feet, 46% more space than the MultiRoom. This product comes with free installation by licensed, insured professionals in any U.S. ZIP code.

For Vehicles in Remote Areas

Drive through remote terrain with confidence in your cellular connection. Make clear calls, use navigation apps, and let your passengers stream along the back roads.

Drive Sleek

Drive Sleek is our best booster for solo drivers in rural areas. It features a cradle design to hold your cell phone safely while it boosts the signal. This booster is a cost-effective solution for staying connected on the go.

Drive X

Drive X is our most budget-friendly wireless booster for multiple passengers, providing everyone with a stronger signal on remote roads. This booster stays ready for all to use without having to pair mobile devices.

Drive Reach

Drive Reach is our strongest in-vehicle cell phone booster. You and all your passengers can enjoy unhindered connectivity as you ride through would-be dead zones. This booster reaches cell towers up to 74% farther than our Drive X solution.

Drive Reach OTR

The Drive Reach OTR is our standard, all-weather booster for semis and OTR trucks. Its omnidirectional antenna rises above your roof to reach far-off towers and boost the signal. This amplifier works great with multiple users and devices in rural areas.


1. Why is it so hard to get cellular reception in rural areas?

Carriers face a complicated dilemma as they try to provide broadband connectivity to underserved areas. Distance is a major challenge. Signal speeds get weaker as they travel farther from their source. Older copper-based networks can’t scale more than a few miles, either. The cost of building broadband infrastructure in sparsely populated regions often exceeds the projected return on investment, so carriers don’t have the same financial incentive to set up towers in rural areas as they do in cities.

2. How well do cell phone boosters work in rural areas?

Cell phone boosters are designed to deliver consistent reception to low-service areas where cellular service providers haven’t extended their coverage. Booster users often see an instant, marked improvement in call stability, mobile data speeds, and video streaming. Check out these reviews of how weBoost products perform in remote locations here and here.

3. How does a cell phone amplifier boost cell phone reception in remote areas?

A cell phone signal amplifier consists of three main parts:

  • An external antenna that captures the outside signal around your home.
  • An amplifier or booster which filters and optimizes the signal.
  • An internal antenna that redistributes the cell signal throughout your home for use by your mobile devices.

As long as the booster can pick up a signal, it can strengthen and rebroadcast it. Bear in mind that a cell phone booster can’t create a signal, though.

4. I have a farm out in the country. Will a cell phone booster work for me?

The type of cell phone booster you’ll need for a farm depends on:

  • Proximity to the nearest cell tower
  • How strong the outside signal is
  • The farm’s building material (metal will weaken a signal more than wood)

People with farms close to towers can probably get by with a less robust booster. If your farm is quite far from a cell tower or if your outside signal is extremely weak, you should invest in the strongest booster possible.

5. Does a cell phone signal booster work for camping?

For our home products, your booster must be plugged into a wall outlet to function. If you are camping inside a building or campground with electricity, a booster can improve your signal while inside. Unfortunately, a booster won’t work in the wild outdoors with no power source.

6. Does a cell phone booster work in the mountains?

Mountains, hills, and other geographical structures might block or weaken cellular signal, so your smartphone or mobile device might be useless on its own around them. Our cell phone boosters are powerful enough to pick up even weak signal and improve it. If there’s a signal out there, our products can detect it and make it work for you.

cell phone signal booster for rural areas

Reach for weBoost in Rural Areas

Say goodbye to dropped calls, poor call quality, and lagging internet service and experience the peace of mind you deserve with safe, reliable wireless connectivity. A boosted signal is just what you need to maintain smooth connections throughout your home, farm, or vehicle. weBoost is the industry leader in cell phone signal boosters, bringing you the most innovative, robust products for clear cellular reception in areas with far away cell towers.

All weBoost cell signal boosters work on all U.S. carrier networks and are compatible with all phones and mobile devices. They are also 5G ready to serve you through the next decade and beyond. Choose weBoost for the strongest coverage available in rural spaces.

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