Home MultiRoom | 470144 – Best for Mid-Sized Homes

Home MultiRoom

For homes up to 5,000 square feet, the weBoost Home MultiRoom is perfect for boosting cell phone signal in rural areas. This booster offers up to 91% more coverage compared to the Home Room, and is compatible with cell phones, tablets, and cellular-connected devices. No matter what cell carrier you have — Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, or T-Mobile — this signal booster will work for you. 

Home Room | 472120 – Best for One Room

Home Room Cell Phone Signal Booster

This signal booster is perfect for one room or up to 1,500 square feet. You’ll experience faster network speeds, improved audio and video streaming, and clearer, stronger call quality. Like all weBoost boosters, this booster can be used by multiple people, so everyone in your family can access it. 

Car Boosters for Rural Areas

Those living in rural areas must drive longer distances to get to places others take for granted. Once you’re on the road, you may need to call friends or use a GPS. To maintain a high-quality cell signal, consider a car booster. 

Drive Reach | 470154 – Best for Driving in Rural Areas

Drive Reach cell phone signal booster

Drive Reach is the one for you if you want the most powerful in-vehicle signal booster with a 29.5 dBm uplink-output power. You and everyone else in the car with a cellular device will get a mobile signal boost in those rural areas. This booster gets signal 60% farther from the nearest cell tower than other weBoost boosters. With easy tool-free installation, you can experience faster data and better call quality in no time. 

Drive Sleek | 470135 – Best for One User

Drive Sleek Cell Phone Signal booster

This signal booster is ideal for individuals that spend a lot of time in their cars driving through rural areas. The unique cradle design safely holds a cellphone while boosting the signal up to 23 decibels. Whether you need the stronger signal to run your Map app or need to call someone on the road, the Drive Sleek signal booster is a budget-friendly solution.  

Drive X | 475021 – Best Cost-Effective Option

Drive X Cell phone signal booster

Are you about to go on a road trip with your family? This multi-user wireless booster allows everyone in the vehicle to get a stronger cell signal in rural areas with a gain of up to 50 decibels. The best part? Everyone can utilize the booster instantly without having to pair their phones. 

Drive 4G-X OTR | 470210 – Best for Trucks

Drive 4G-X OTR Cell Phone Signal Booster

People with trucks and off-road enthusiasts rely on the Drive 4G-X OTR to maintain cellular connectivity in remote areas; with its rugged, all-weather trucker edition omni-directional antenna along for the ride. This booster’s OTR antenna is great for getting above a vehicle’s roof to reach faraway cell towers and boost cell phone signal in remote areas. 

Do cell phone boosters work in rural areas?

Yes, in fact, many people in cabins or off-grid homes utilize a booster so they can make calls and send texts inside their homes.

Every weBoost booster has an outside antenna that captures the weak, outside signal then it’s amplified by the booster. Finally, the inside antenna distributes the amplified cell signal to your cellular devices in your home or vehicle. The booster will amplify any carrier’s network so you can experience a strong signal no matter the carrier you have. Learn more about how a cell phone signal booster works here. 

Home Complete How it works

Getting the Right Cell Phone Booster for Remote Areas

In an urban center, you’re likely never far from the closest cell tower — they’re essentially everywhere, and possibly even next door to the building you live in. But rural homes could be tens of miles away from just a few cell towers, or possibly even just one. This makes them particularly susceptible to reception issues during phone calls and data streaming, which can mean another frustrating trip outside to take or make that important phone call. 

how to boost cell phone signal at home

A cell phone booster for remote areas can help, and the right one will allow you to go from a no-bar dead zone to a workable connection that won’t drop calls or drag you down with slow data speeds. While the tech might be complex, a long-range cell phone signal booster is essentially a three-part system, consisting of an external antenna, which is responsible for capturing the outside cell signal around your home, an amplifier or booster, which takes the outside signal, filters and optimizes it, and cranks the gain up, and an internal antenna inside that rebroadcasts the cell signal for use by your phone or any other cellular device.

But lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work and have assembled a list of cell phone boosters for remote areas that actually work. Add one to your home, your car or truck, and even your cabin or cottage, and experience the freedom of reliable cell coverage. If you purchase the weBoost Installed | Home Complete, we’ll even come out and install it for free, optimizing all the components so you get the best possible signal from your cell provider. Licensed, certified, and insured, our installers are in and out in an hour or two and are often available the very next day.

Examples of Homes & Cabins that got Cell Coverage in Remote Areas

Below are some examples of situations where weBoost home cell phone boosters have proved vital to increasing cell coverage to people living and working in remote areas. See more cell phone signal booster reviews here. 

Cell Phone Problems in the Country? The Best Cell Phone Amp On Earth Weboost Home Complete!

“We’re tired of it guys, we’re in the woods and can’t hear anything on these things (phones). We drop calls, when we are face timing with someone it looks like we are underwater… After weBoost it’s rock solid and we don’t lose cell phone signal.”

OMG! I Got Cell Phone Signal At My Cabin! – WeBoost

“Connecting to the world is now part of our lives. Before weBoost, to get a cell phone signal I would have to climb up a tree or on the roof of my cabin! I’m barely kidding. weBoost helps me to connect to my family and to the outside world. I would never want to live without it.” 

weBoost Home Multiroom Cell Signal Booster (3G, 4G, & LTE) Review

“Not only has call quality and stability improved, since the booster captures 4G/LTE signal, mobile data speeds are also about 10 times faster (because dBm rates are logarithmic). Note though, that this is only true in range of the booster, and the signal improvement did not really extend into other floors of the house.”

Keep Your Cell Signal Strong in Remote Areas with weBoost

If you’ve been putting up with a weak mobile signal in rural areas, weBoost cell phone signal boosters are the answer. For small and large homes and even vehicles, you can boost your cell phone signal and stay connected everywhere, no matter how isolated you are from an urban area.

Powerful weBoost signal boosters:

Get better cell phone reception in rural areas with a signal booster today!

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