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Best RV Cell Signal Boosters for Remote Locations When Traveling

Posted on 5/1/2022 by Web Admin

There’s nothing quite like freedom and adventure that comes from exploring the country in an RV. From staying at well-established roadside campgrounds with all the hookups to camping in more remote locations without amenities, an RV trip can vary widely from stop to stop.

And so does the overall quality and reception of cell signal you’ll experience on the road.

As most RVers know, the first step to becoming independent and self-sufficient in your travels is to understand what your RV is capable of—as well as have a basic awareness of its possible limitations. To avoid being stranded in the wilderness without the ability to make an emergency call or even know where you’re parked at any given moment, take steps to plan ahead.

You may want to consider investing in a vehicle cell signal booster. Ideally, one suited for use in an RV. Much of this product selection will also depend on the type of RVing you typically enjoy doing.

Different Types of RVing & RV Signal Booster Solutions

Not every RV enthusiast is the same. Some people enjoy making quick weekend getaways or going from campsite to campsite during a one- or two-week road trip. Other RVers, particularly retirees, may find themselves living on the road for months out of the year—settling into a campground or park for a more extended period of time than most other campers.

Naturally, each type pf RV enthusiast has differing priorities when it comes to cell signal usage habits.

Fortunately, the RV cell phone boosters offered today by weBoost are designed with those differences in mind—taking into account the use-case scenarios and circumstances where RVers need cell signal most.

In this article, we will address both of these RV groups with the corresponding product suggestion.

For Those Who Need Strong, Reliable Cell Signal When On the Go

For the quick getaway RVer, the most immediate concern is often the journey—not the destination.

Maintaining cellular connectivity for charting out a trip on Google Maps, knowing their current location with GPS, and staying in contact with family and friends with phone calls and texts are of the utmost importance to this particular group. Which is why they choose the weBoost Drive Reach RV.

This particular RV signal booster supports multiple users and cell phones simultaneously throughout the cabin of an RV or truck with a towable trailer. Compatible with all major US mobile carriers for boosting all available network speeds, Drive Reach RV is ideal for use on the open road throughout North America.

When parked at a campsite, the Drive Reach RV also boosts existing cell signal to put a stop to dropped calls and dead zones. Not to mention, it delivers increased hotspot capability and vastly improves the ability to support streaming services like Hulu and Netflix on tablets, smartphones, and other cellular-connected devices.

For Those Who Need Strong, Reliable Cell Signal for an Extended Stay

Sometimes, you might park your RV in one spot and stay there for days or weeks at a time in the remote wilderness, or even parked on the property of family or friends hosting your visit.

In these situations, RVers select the weBoost Destination RV. With a maximum gain of 65 dB, it’s a more powerful RV signal booster. Additionally, it comes equipped with a 24-foot telescoping antenna pole to allow its outside directional antenna to maximize its reach to the nearest cell towers in the area.

The setup of Destination RV means it can only be used when your RV is parked and remains stationary for longer periods. You can expect to spend about 10 minutes setting it up when you arrive, and another 10 minutes taking it down before you leave. The antenna pole can be easily stowed in your RV since it collapses down to 46 inches.

A few minutes of setup means this Destination RV provides a stronger, more reliable cell signal for more remote settings—allowing you to stay connected with family and friends back home via calls, texts, email, or social media posts.

When You Live in a RV, a Cell Signal Boosters Can Make All the Difference

No matter what your cell phone habits are or how you happen to RV, a RV signal booster can be a worthwhile investment. Not only does reliable cell coverage provide you, your family, or anyone you travel with the added convenience of enjoying your smartphone, tablet, or other devices—it can also provide you with the safety and peace of mind in an emergency situation.

Before you set out on your next RV adventure, plan ahead to make sure you have a way to get strong, reliable cell signal coverage. Shop weBoost’s RV cell phone boosters today!


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