Customers share their thoughts on the Drive 4G-X RV

Emily Fisher | December 22, 2017

Are you curious how users feel about the Drive 4G-X RV? This cellular signal booster is perfect for enhancing cellular signal for RVs. We took customer reviews from Amazon, Facebook and our website and put the best all in one place for you to enjoy. Customers share how the product helps them on the road or camping in their RV, provide photos of their setups, give installation tips, and share their experiences.

A great product to give yourself a boost.

The newly installed Drive 4G-X RV antenna for RVs sits in its new home above a trailer.

“The purchasing experience was simple and easy. The folks were great. Since I have a Toy Hauler, there is no ladder for the usual antenna mounting. I added a piece of conduit to the rear ramp latch rods to make an antenna mount. This also provided a method of raising the antenna 42″ when stationary. At home with a signal of 75 dB, the booster added 15 dB providing 90 dB to the phone inside the trailer. We travel to a lot of remote locations and as long as there is a signal to boost, quality is greatly improved. However, keep in mind, if there is no signal, boosting zero is still zero. All the equipment supplied is well made and appears very durable.”

Very impressive.

“We installed the unit a Minnie Winnie 31K, and it works as advertised. Solid phone service on roads where we used to have dropouts, and we get much better 4G LTE service too. We have become the Verizon “phone booth” location at one of our favorite dry camping spots (an area that doesn’t doesn’t work for our ATT or T-mobile phones for other than emergency service, but we camp with others that couldn’t get their Verizon service without the weBoost, it saves them the couple mile trip to where they used to have to travel to get phone and texting service.”

Pleased with our purchase

“Hubby and I are remote workers and travel frequently in our RV. We purchased this about a month ago and have tested in several scenarios to be able to work. As noted it is not a WiFi booster, rather a cell booster. We also purchased TechnoRV suction cup mounts and PVC for a mast so we can position anywhere on the RV for the best signal rather than a permanent mount. We went from zero or weak cell signal to 3-4, sometimes 5 bars in areas we have had no signal before. The cellular boost would then boost our ATT WiFi puck and allow us to connect laptops and iPhones/iPads with no problem. We have ATT and it works great for us.”

Excellent for boosting cell and data in low service areas!

“This unit replaced our first WeBoost (at least 8 years old!). With the improved technology, we went from nothing (including cell phone) without any booster, to spotty but slow internet with the previous model, to now getting 4G, high-speed, consistent connection with the Drive 4G-X RV. Very impressed that we can be camping on Padre Island in weak service, and ‘working’ online with super fast speeds! This upgrade is going to expand our horizons of where we can RV to for extended amounts of time!”

Don’t know how we lived without it!

“I have two RV-related businesses that relate to boondocking (camping in remote areas) so that’s what we do a lot of. Still I need to have daily Internet. This lets me accomplish that – not always, but a lot more frequently.”

A must have RV upgrade.

“This is a must have for RV camping if you need to stay connected. It’s easy to install and works right out of the box. I was getting -110db and after i turned on the unit is was getting -80db. I would recommend buying a separate antenna set for your vehicle because it works great for everyday use as well. I haven’t had a dropped call even living in the Colorado mountains. FYI if the 20′ outside wire is not long enough I talked to weBoost and you can run up to 50′ on the external antenna.”

Works as advertised for my family!

“My parents spend a lot of time traveling in their RV, so they provided the perfect opportunity to test this unit out. Following the directions as included, we successfully installed and configured the weBoost. It did take a bit of time and futzing to eek out maximum performance, but I’m happy to report that signal was ultimately extended as advertised. It seems to be something of a crap shoot with these as compared to other experiences I’ve read, but if you’re technically-minded, you should have no issue at all setting this device up. Otherwise, you may need to lean on Wilson Electronics support, which apparently has a favorable reputation. Regardless, we’re satisfied on this end! Excellent product.”

Works for us!

“We don’t have an RV but we go traveling to a lot of areas where there are dead zones. At the moment we are hunting down old family cemeteries that seem to be in the lower end of the county. As soon as we get there, we lose service on our phones. It’s really annoying to be just a mile away from where we can get a call. My husband mounted this to his old truck since that’s what we always drive to go to the places a car can’t get too. It worked great. I’m so relieved because it was making me a nervous wreck thinking we couldn’t call for help if we got stuck out in the sticks and had to walk for miles to get out of there. I’m sure everyone makes fun of us though since this antenna is probably worth more than that old truck! Another place we used it at was at my mother in law’s house. As soon as you get in that little hollow you have no phone service and it’s only a couple of miles from town and only a few yards to the top of the hill where we can get service. Since we are clearing the land there, we worry about accidents. This has put my mind at rest.”

Changed our road life!

“This device has changed our lives. We’re a family of full-time nomads, living out of our van since 2008 and I work online to keep this all going. We love camping in remote locations, far from the sound of highway noise and partying weekenders, but alas that is typically only possible come the weekends when I don’t have to work. Until we got one of these devices and have consistently seen our connection up by 2 bars, sometimes even from nothing (or practically nothing) to a couple of bars that at least keeps us in touch with email and text. The only downsides are that it requires a power source, but that’s just the way it goes I suppose.”

Worked perfectly!

“Took this out for the first trip after installing in my RV and it worked perfectly. I had 1X service on my Verizon phone and no service on my AT&T phone before powering up the booster. After turning on the booster both phone had LTE service. I’m looking forward to the extended range this is going to give me for camping.”

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