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Drive Reach OTR Awarded AutoTech Breakthrough’s 2021 Connected Car Innovation of the Year

Posted on 10/22/2021 by Izzy Jack

Wilson Electronics, the industry leader in cellular signal booster technology, today announced that the weBoost Drive Reach OTR has been selected as the winner of the Connected Car Innovation of the Year for the 2021 AutoTech Breakthrough Awards. This innovative in-vehicle cell signal booster for semi-trucks and overlanders has been named a winner among Aeva, Carro, Ford Motor Co, Infineon Technologies, Mercedes-Benz, TuSimple, and an impressive list of other leading companies and startups in the AutoTech industry.

“We’re thrilled to be named a Connected Car Innovation of the Year winner by the AutoTech Breakthrough Awards,” said Bruce Lancaster, CEO of Wilson Electronics. “We created the Drive Reach OTR in response to demand from the trucking industry, which is working in overdrive to help fulfill freight orders. This honor reinforces our commitment to creating the most powerful, reliable cell signal boosters to ensure that truckers can always stay connected on their routes.”

The AutoTech Breakthrough Awards recognize the top companies and products in the automotive technology sector today. Entries are judged by an independent panel of experts based on innovation, performance, ease of use, functionality, value, and impact. The full list of 2021 award winners can be found here.

The Drive Reach OTR

First released in November 2020, the weBoost Drive Reach OTR is a connectivity game-changer for off-roading enthusiasts and truck drivers. This award-winning product is weBoost’s most powerful multi-user, in-vehicle cell signal booster for semi-trucks and overlanders. With its ruggedized, all-weather OTR Truck OmniDirectional Antenna, it boasts a maximum connection range and a 60 percent larger service range than other boosters on the market. 

The Drive Reach OTR boosts voice and data with max Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allowed 50 dB system gain — enhancing all available network signals up to 32 times. Drivers experience fewer lost connections and dead zones, better audio quality, and faster data uploads and downloads with this premier signal booster.

More powerful than previous models, the Drive Reach OTR allows truck and off-road vehicle drivers to enjoy strong cell phone signal up to 74% further away from a cell tower. The versatile, powerful antenna provides new height configurations that weren’t possible in previous models, enabling the booster to avoid many common cell signal barriers found at lower levels. Together, this provides a huge improvement in cellular connectivity and speed across all wireless carriers— giving drivers peace of mind wherever the road takes them.

All components come in one package for easy DIY installation. The booster kit includes with parts to accommodate multiple installation options. Because weBoost is committed to the 5G movement, the Drive Reach OTR is also 5G compatible. The only cellular booster company that designs, assembles and tests its products solely in the U.S., all weBoost cellular signal boosters feature a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.  

Connect With weBoost

Want to learn more about the award-winning Drive Reach OTR connectivity solution? Visit weBoost’s vehicle solutions page or shop the product directly

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