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Explore Wyoming: Where To Find Outdoor Adventure & Fun in Casper, Wyoming

Posted on 6/28/2018 by Nicholas Jones

Are you planning to visit Wyoming? What are the best cities to visit in Wyoming? What are some fun things to do in Casper, Wyoming? In this video, Krista and Beau tell you about their hometown, Casper, and why it is a special place to live and visit.

Krista and Beau own the camping and overlanding website Living Overland, which started out as a means to share camping recipes. It is now an excellent resource not just for recipes, but gear guides and more. Casper, Wyoming is surrounded by lots of places to get out into the wild. Camping, offroading, hunting, and fishing are just some of the many activities visitors to the area get to enjoy. One of Krista and Beau’s favorite hobbies is fly fishing.

Not only does Casper have a great outdoors scene, but the downtown area has a great nightlife with plenty of places to eat and drink, one of which is called Gaslight Social, which is a bar and restaurant that includes an arcade and music venue.

There is a lot of outdoor adventure and downtown fun to be had in Casper, Wyoming that you definitely don’t want to miss!

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