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Family, Farming, and Staying Connected in Santaquin, Utah

Posted on 6/15/2018 by Nicholas Jones

Tod and Jace Rowley are 4th generation farmers. They live in Santaquin, Utah, at their farm where they work alongside their families. The farm grows cherries, apples, and a lot of other produce. You can learn more about Rowley’s Red Barn and the Rowley family here.

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The Rowley family is partnered with a company called Harvest Hosts, which lets their members camp their RV at unique destinations like wineries and farms, like the Rowley’s farm. You can learn more about Harvest Hosts here.

Since much of the Rowley’s farmland is in a remote portion of Utah, they depend on cell phone signal boosters from weBoost to stay connected. You can learn more about weBoost and its products here.

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