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Here’s Why Telluride Colorado Is Our Favorite Mountain Village

Posted on 7/10/2018 by Nicholas Jones

Are you planning a visit to Colorado? Colorado has a lot to offer people with all sorts of interests, particularly if you love the mountains.

Luckily, the most beautiful mountain town we’ve visited happens to be nestled in the Colorado Rockies. In this video, Matt from Telluride Irrigation shares his favorite parts of his town, and how he is able to communicate with his employees and loved ones, even when he’s surrounded by cell phone signal-blocking cliffs.

Telluride is a well-known destination for Skiing, Snowboarding, and the iconic Blues and Brews Festival. The Downtown Telluride area is surrounded on three sides by breathtaking tall mountain peaks, and boasts Colorado’s highest free-falling waterfall – Bridal Veil Falls.

Matt says there are endless trails in the mountains surrounding Telluride due to the town’s mining history, but has since flourished into a great tourist destination if you’re searching for beauty and outdoor adventure.

As the owner of Telluride Irrigation, Matt’s crews used to struggle staying in contact with him because of the terrible cell phone reception in the area. As beautiful as Telluride is, the area is geographically disadvantaged when it comes to cellular connection. Thankfully two seasons ago, Matt’s team installed weBoost cell phone boosters in their trucks. Now they are able to communicate almost seamlessly.

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