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How to Make a Verizon Jetpack Faster

Posted on 10/5/2020 by Nicholas Jones

Verizon Jetpacks let you share your wireless connection with other members of your household, such as your family at home or friends when you are out and about. Multiple devices can connect to a Verizon Jetpack, including smartphones, tablets, and notebooks, or laptops.

Think of it as a device that enables a mobile hotspot but for multiple people, not just yourself. Typically, you are charged your regular data plan rates when using a Jetpack.

How to Make a Verizon Jetpack Faster

Many users wonder how they can improve the speed of their Verizon Jetpacks, as sometimes speeds can slow down with multiple devices and users sharing the same wireless connection.

At weBoost, we offer a few options for you to make a Verizon Jetpack faster. You can add:

  • an external antenna, which connects to the external antenna port on your Jetpack if it has one (check your specific model to be sure),
  • a mobile signal booster system, which boosts the wireless signal for mobile devices, or
  • a booster system designed for an entire building or multiple rooms.

External Antennas

External antennas designed to fit into your Verizon Jetpack can help boost your signal in the immediate area of where your Jetpack is being used. If you need help choosing the right antenna, you can contact customer support at weBoost for assistance.

Mobile Cell Phone Signal Boosters

weBoost carries mobile boosters designed to fit your car, truck, RV, or fleet of vehicles. These may be able to help improve the signal your Verizon Jetpack provides.

Building-Wide Booster System

Many of the cell phone signal boosters available are designed to improve signal inside an entire building. These may also be able to help improve the speed of your Verizon Jetpack.

Where Can I Buy a Jetpack Device?

Because these devices are provided by Verizon, you typically have to purchase them directly from Verizon, either at its online store or at a Verizon store.

How the Verizon Jetpack Works With Your Existing Data Plan

Typically, when you decide to use a Verizon Jetpack, it gets added onto your existing data plan, and the costs vary depending on what your plan is. While you should definitely consult with Verizon about your own personal plan, in general you can expect to pay:

  • an additional $20/month if you have an unlimited data plan, or
  • a monthly access fee of $10 if you have a shared data plan (since your Jetpack shares in your plan’s monthly data amount).

Low Data Usage

If you suspect your data usage with the Verizon Jetpack will be minimal, you can get a single device plan with Verizon, which is $10 for 1GB/month when you enroll in Verizon’s auto pay system and paper-free billing service. If you choose not to opt for the auto pay and paper-free bills, the cost increases to $15/month for 1GB of data.

Verizon also has a helpful data calculator to help you figure out how much data you might use per month.

Other Data Plan Options with Verizon

If you think you may be using more than 1GB of data each month, Verizon offers a number of options for data plans that would work with your Verizon Jetpack. These options include:

  • a single device plan for $10 or $15 per month
  • a data-only plan
  • an unlimited data for $75/month with auto pay and paperless billing (or $80/month without those settings)

What Else Might I Need to Use a Verizon Jetpack?

Despite the convenience and benefits they offer, using an electronic device is rarely as simple as taking them out of the box, and the Verizon Jetpack is no exception.

To use a Verizon Jetpack, you will also need:

  • an eligible data plan to activate the Jetpack
  • a strong connection to the Verizon network, which can be bolstered with a signal booster
  • a charging cord (which comes with your Jetpack device) to recharge its battery

Other accessories may be included with your Verizon Jetpack, depending on the model.

Benefits of a Verizon Jetpack

In the past, smartphones or tablets generally served as mobile hotspots when you needed an internet connection in a place with no internet available.

A Verizon Jetpack, however, may be a better option over these traditional mobile devices for a few reasons:

  • Battery Life: When you use a dedicated device like the Jetpack as a mobile hotspot, you don’t have to worry about draining the battery on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Flexibility: The primary benefit of the Verizon Jetpack is being able to share your network connection with others in your household.
  • Capability: When you’re using your Jetpack as a mobile hotspot, you can still use a connected smartphone to make calls.
  • Range: Usually, when you use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot, you have to stay within 30 feet of it in order to benefit from its connection, but this isn’t the case with a Jetpack. Check your specific device’s range to find out how far away you can be from it to use its connection.
  • More Devices: Verizon Jetpacks generally let you connect between 10-15 devices at once. The specific number depends on your model.

Verizon Jetpack vs Wireless Router

Some customers have questions about the Jetpack and wonder how it’s different from a traditional router.

The primary difference lies in portability: your Jetpack is portable and can be taken with you on the go. It provides wireless service via Verizon’s cellular network. By contrast, a wireless router which is tethered via a wired connection to a modem in your home, and it provides Wi-Fi internet service via your internet service provider (ISP). And while Jetpack devices can operate as either a USB modem or as a mobile hotspot, wireless routers cannot provide the latter functionality.

Whether you’re looking for a more convenient mobile hotspot option, such as the Verizon Jetpack, or you’re wanting to boost the signal strength of your connection in your home, car, or RV, you can find plenty of options at weBoost.

Reach out to us by phone at (866) 294-1660 to find out how we can help, or check out our informative guide to boosters.

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