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Installing a Cell Signal Booster in an RV

Posted on 8/1/2022 by Nicholas Jones

man installing a weboost cell phone signal booster in an RV

If you’re an RV owner you undoubtedly know that getting reliable cell signal inside an RV presents a challenge, as we’ve written about previously in this space.

For starters, RVs often travel to remote locations where cell towers are few and far between. That obviously can make cell reception difficult.

In addition, those remote places frequently have terrain that’s terrifically scenic, but not conducive to reliable cell signal. Think mountains, hills, forests, etc.

Finally, RVs frequently are sheathed in an aluminum skin. It’s wonderful – lightweight, durable and protects well against the elements, but also very proficient at blocking cell signals from coming inside the RV, again cutting down your cell reception.

We gave you some suggestions for overcoming these cell reception challenges in a previous post Tips for boosting cell phone signal in your RV.

The one tip from those that will work more often than anything else to improve cell signal in your RV is to install a cell phone signal booster.



This technology is specifically designed to collect weak cell signals from outside the RV, amplify those weak signals and then redistribute the amplified signal inside the RV so your phone and other cellular devices can receive them.

The process works the same in reverse order to send signals from your phone back to the cell tower and complete the communications loop.

Installing a cell signal booster in your RV allows you to stay connected both on the drive and when parked at a campsite. It supports voice and data signals so you can place and receive calls, send texts, as well as post fabulous photos and videos of your RV trip to Instagram.

Most cell signal booster models are universal. That means they work with any cell carrier, and any cellular device. They also allow simultaneous connections from multiple devices. And best of all, a cell booster is a one-time purchase with no monthly fee.

There are some things to remember about a signal booster. For one things, it can’t create a cell signal. Rather boosters work by using existing cell signal to provide coverage in an RV.

The signal coverage area inside an RV will depend on the strength of the available cell signal in the area. If there’s a weak cell signal outside the RV, you would have a smaller coverage area inside the RV. Conversely, if there’s a stronger signal outside the RV, the cell booster will provide a larger signal coverage area inside the RV.

If you’re an RV owner who thinks installing a cell signal booster in your RV seems like a bigger task than you would be comfortable tackling, check out the video above. To watch just click on the image. Derek walks you through the entire signal booster installation process.

The result is an installation that looks like it was professionally done, and of course, improved cell reception in your RV.

Want to know your options for an RV cell phone signal booster? Click below to see all our booster models.

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