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Keep the Kids Occupied on a Road Trip with Improved Cell Phone Signal

Nicholas Jones | May 25, 2017

Another family road trip season is almost here and it’s time to get ready for this summer tradition. With a little thoughtful preparation and an assist from some readily available tech you can make this summer’s road trip with the fam better than ever.

As a parent, one of your biggest potential road trip concerns is how to keep the kids entertained on the way to your destination during those hours in the family vehicle.

We offer some helpful suggestions below. You may also want to read a previous post Top 5 Road Trip Apps for ideas on loading up your phone with apps before you go.

Digital devices keep kids occupied

If your kids don’t already have a cell phone of their own, make sure they have a tablet! Even better, if it’s feasible get a tablet of each of the kids that don’t have a phone. Then they can do whatever they want – draw pictures, play a game, listen to an audiobook or watch a video, among lots of other engaging activities – without anyone whining.

Want some specific tablet suggestions? Just do a web search on ‘tablets for kids.’

With kids occupied by apps on tablet or phone, the miles will flash past and the hours fly by. And you’ll pat yourself on the back for being smart enough to make your trip so much easier.

Add a Wifi hot spot

A Wifi hot spot will take available cell signal and convert it to Wifi to make data connections available to all Wifi-enabled devices in the vehicle.

This lets your teens and pre-teens put in earbuds while you’re on the road and stream YouTube videos, listen to their favorite music-streaming service or use a chat app to connect with friends, even if their tablet is not cellular-enabled.

Multiport USB charger to keep everything powered

With multiple phones, tablets and other electronics in the car, few devices are more useful than a multiport charger. These handy gadgets plug into a power outlet or cigarette lighter and provide all the USB ports you need to keep everyone’s batteries charged. Some models charge five or six devices at once and some accommodate multiple sizes of USB plugs.

Cell phone signal booster to ensure connectivity

Your road trip may take you to places where you can’t get a reliable mobile signal because you’re too far from a cell tower, or because obstructions between you and the tower block and weaken the signal.

That’s where a vehicle cell signal booster can be a lifesaver. These devices can detect and capture cell signals much fainter than a smartphone can. The booster then amplifies the faint signal and distributes that amplified signal inside the vehicle so phones and other mobile devices can have a solid cellular connection.

A booster also sends amplified signal from the device back to the cell tower to complete the communications loop. The truth is, poor cell reception is more than a simple inconvenience. On the road we depend on mobile connectivity for directions, to locate rest stops or gas stations and for our family’s safety.

What if your vehicle breaks down or one of the kids gets sick when you’re someplace with poor cell signal? Or maybe the emergency doesn’t happen to you, but to another family member who needs to contact you while you’re road tripping.

For those situations when you absolutely require cell phone connectivity, a signal booster in your vehicle ensures you have a strong reliable reception when you need it.

Happy road trippin’!


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