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The Top Cell Phone Boosters for RVs and Trucks

Posted on 6/3/2023 by Web Admin

As the weather gets better and summer draws ever closer, the call of the wild gets stronger.

Especially when you happen to own an RV, truck, overland rig, or off-road vehicle. There’s nothing quite like the great outdoors to help you escape the 9-to-5 routine of the typical work week. Once school is out for the year, weekend camping escapes and wilderness adventures quickly become the norm. Whether you stay at roadside campgrounds with all the perks or camp in the middle of nowhere, every weekend you strive for the new or unexpected.

Except, of course, when it comes to the reliability and strength of your cell signal coverage. That’s one place where you want to know what you can rely on. After all, it’s often a matter of safety.

No one wants to be stranded on the side of a mountain road with mechanical problems—unable to arrange a tow to the mechanic.  Worse yet, nothing is quite as frightening as finding yourself far from home in a medical emergency without the ability to call for help.

Other times, you might need to use navigation or other apps that help you make the most of your trip.

Whatever the situation, a cell signal booster is a wise investment. The first step is deciding which booster is best for the way you recreate and use your cellular devices.

Let’s get started.

Best cell phone booster for RVs or trucks: on or off road

For quick weekend escapes, having cell connectivity from point A to point B is always important.

Maybe you’re checking your GPS coordinates or following a charted route on the interstate and remote roads. Maybe you use your phone to keep up on the current weather and traffic conditions. Or, you could be calling or texting home to let everyone know you’re okay. Whatever your use case happens to be, you want to have strong, reliable cell signal during the time you’re on the open road.

If the above scenarios describe your most frequent needs, you should look into weBoost Drive Reach RV.

Drive Reach RV boosts signal for multiple users and cellular devices at the same time—all throughout the cabin of an RV or truck with a towable trailer. It works with all major US mobile carriers for boosting all available network speeds and can be used anywhere you journey throughout North America.

If you’re the type who takes their tricked-out truck or RV off the beaten path or trekking across sand dunes in the remote wilderness, then Drive Reach Overland is probably your best bet. It combines the strongest booster allowed by the FCC with a rugged, all-weather outside antenna. The antenna features a mast extension and articulating mount with multiple installation options that let you clear all your roof gear and fold the antenna down when not in use.

Best cell phone booster for RVs or campers: when parked

Maybe you’re the type of person who reaches their destination and likes to stay and camp for a while.

If you’re primarily concerned about having cell signal once you reach camp, check out Destination RV. It will help you enjoy increased hotspot capability and vastly improve your ability to support streaming services like Hulu and Netflix on tablets, smartphones, and other cellular-connected devices. Its directional antenna mounts to a 24-foot telescoping pole which collapses to just 46 inches, but gives you tremendous height to reach far away towers from your campsite.

Inside, the panel antenna can be easily hung on a wall in your RV to serve multiple devices on any network.

Fully extended, the antenna pole is designed to maximize the antenna’s ability to reach the nearest cell towers—providing you with a stronger, more reliable cell signal in even the most remote settings.

Setup and takedown of Destination RV takes about 10 minutes. It’s pretty easy to do, but it’s something to be aware of when making a purchase.

Enjoy greater peace of mind in the great outdoors with a cell phone signal booster

Camping, RVing, overlanding, and off-roading are welcome escapes for our crazy world. However, the benefits of having strong, reliable cell signal coverage wherever you go are too great to ignore.

Whichever cell phone signal booster you chose, you owe it to yourself, your family, or anyone you travel with to make the investment. While everyone can enjoy the modern perks of using their smartphone, tablet, or other devices in the wild, you’ll get critical peace of mind knowing you’re prepared with connectivity if you need it. Click here to learn more about weBoost’s RV cell phone boosters.

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