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weBoost Home MultiRoom Recognized as a Home Office Must-Have

Posted on 1/12/2021 by Izzy Jack

Presented by Tom’s Guide, the Ultimate Home Office Awards celebrates the best tech for staying productive at home. This year, the weBoost Home MultiRoom was recognized as a Home Office Must-Have — joining a list of other stand-out products that enabled remote work in 2020. 

Tom’s Guide evaluated our home office cell signal booster solution based on its suitability for home use, design, performance, features and overall value. All said and done, they ultimately recognized how “if your home office is off the beaten path, weBoost’s cell signal booster can be your lifeline back to the rest of the world.” As a lifeline, the weBoost Home MultiRoom keeps remote workers connected and productive. 

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Boosted Connectivity = Higher Productivity

2020 presented a host of new challenges for businesses across the globe — shifting many employees into off-site, remote work. According to a Gallup Survey, 33 percent of workers work remotely full-time. With this collective movement toward remote work, employees have come to rely on their home offices.

From the right computer to a fast internet connection, there’s a lot that goes into the ideal home set up. A weBoost cell signal booster for home helps ensure a consistent and reliable connection to your cellular network. When working from home, connectivity is essential to maintaining your productivity throughout the day. From video conferences with team members to sending important emails to clients, a weBoost cell phone booster empowers you to get the job done. 

Our Home MultiRoom solution is designed to boost cellular connectivity up to 5,000 sq. ft. or for three large rooms in your home. By supporting multiple users and devices, the Home MultiRoom enables you to enjoy better voice quality, fewer dropped calls and faster internet speeds. Learn more about the Home MultiRoom in the video below.

Give Your Home Office a Boost

From maintaining a productive work life to supporting communication with loved ones, weBoost helps people stay connected at home. If you’re looking for a solution to improve your home office, then a weBoost cell signal booster can help you get more done while working from home. See for yourself why the weBoost Home MultiRoom was recognized as a Home Office Must-Have or learn more about our full line of cell signal boosters for home.

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