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Why Does My Phone Keep Dropping Calls and How Do I Fix It?

Posted on 12/2/2022 by Philip Brown

Are you aware that you spend up to 4.8 hours daily on your phone?  

Imagine you are about to close the deal of a lifetime, catch up with friends and family, or drive to your dream vacation, and your call drops or your navigation goes on the fritz due to signal loss. 

It’s frustrating and disappointing and always happens at the most inopportune moments. 

Most cellphone users have experienced this frustration. One minute your phone is working just fine; the next, your connection and calls drop into the void.  

We know how that feels. So keep calm and read on. Here’s some guidance on why your calls keep dropping and how to fix the issue, even if you aren’t tech-savvy. 

What Exactly Is a Dropped Call? 

A dropped call occurs when your connection, communication, or call gets disconnected from a cellular network.  

In most cases, dropped calls result from a weak network signal or total signal loss. However, there are several other reasons this frustrating event can occur. 

Why Does My Phone Keep Dropping Calls? 

Even in a densely populated, developed area, users can still experience regular dropped calls. A variety of issues affect the signal strength your cellular device receives, including:  


There are numerous artificial and natural obstacles that can block cell signals. The natural landscape, such as hills, mountains, bluffs, ridges, trees, and other vegetation, are notorious signal blockers. Inclement weather like rain, dust, or fog also blocks signals. 

Additionally, your home, other buildings and structures, electrical wires, and vehicles reduce signal strength, especially if you live in an urban area. 

Overloaded or distant cell tower 

The further you are from a cell tower, the weaker the signal. You’ll even notice the signal bars on your phone reducing when you move further away from the cell tower. While urban areas might have more cell towers, the dense population sharing them also reduces signal strength, hence the constant dropped calls. 

Outdated phone or SIM card 

Smart phone and cellular network technology have evolved, and now we have 5G. Are you still using a 2G or 3G phone and SIM card to make calls or connect to the internet? If so, they could be responsible for the annoying dropped calls. While you don’t have to switch to 5G, upgrading to a newer phone may help. 

Phone and software glitches 

Sometimes your phone’s problems, such as a damaged or broken antenna or SIM card, could cause signal loss or poor signal. Also, your phone’s software requires regular updates from the manufacturer or service provider. Missing these updates might cause your phone to glitch, leading to dropped calls. Double check your phone’s settings to ensure that you’re running the latest software. 

Overworked device 

Opening multiple apps and leaving them running simultaneously in the background is common. All these open apps in the background reduce your phone’s processing power, and there might not be enough left to support your call or connection. Further, all these apps quickly drain your battery, which again will cause your calls to drop. 

Stop Dropped Calls on any Device or Carrier 

There are measures to stop drop calls specific to the phone model or carrier. However, there are several helpful steps that any phone user should try: 

  • Switch to WiFi calling – all these carriers and modern phones support WiFi calling and texting. You can also use third-party apps with video calling and texting features.  
  • Assess your SIM card for damages – use a paper clip, push pin, or thumbtack to eject the SIM card tray. Inspect the SIM card for cracks, scratches, bends, or chips. If the SIM card isn’t damaged, but the problem persists after putting it back, consider getting a new SIM card or an upgraded one.  
  • Turn your phone off and on again – rebooting clears the phone’s full cache and shuts down all apps running in the background.  
  • Use the weBoost App to locate the nearest cell tower the location of a cell tower will help you know where the signal is coming from. Once you know, change your location and move closer to the cell tower, outside in the open with minimal obstructions, or in an elevated position.  
  • Consult a pro – an expert will check for physical damage or software glitches. If possible, take it to your carrier’s customer service centers. 
  • Keep your phone charged at all times and limit the background apps. A drained or overworked phone has limited processing power to hold a strong signal.  
  • Upgrade – new and improved phones with more robust receivers and antennas are emerging daily. You can upgrade your phone and cellular network to 4G or 5G. 

How to Stop Verizon Dropped Calls 

  • Change your phone’s date and time. If you’ve recently reset your phone to factory settings or traveled, your phone may have improper time and date values, which can cause call drops. 
  • If the problem persists, contact Verizon’s 24/7 Customer Support at 1-800-837-4966, Live chat, Facebook messenger, or request a call.  

How to Stop T-Mobile Dropped Calls 

  • Update your phone to the latest software versions. You can visit T-Mobile’s devices page to check the recent devices for an upgrade. 
  • Check T-Mobile 4G LTE and 5G network coverage map to identify a specific area’s signal strength. 
  • Remove your phone’s case. Some protective phone cases affect signal reception.  
  • Transfer your SIM card to another T-Mobile phone and call to test whether the call drops. 
  • Ensure your phone touch screen isn’t on, as your cheeks or fingers might unknowingly tap the End Call button. 
  • Check your calling preferences – confirm your phone’s signal isn’t disturbed by Wi-Fi calling issues. Set your calling preferences to ‘Cellular Only’ or ‘Cellular Preferred.’ 
  • If all else fails, contact T-Mobile at 1-800-937-8997. 

How to Stop AT&T Dropped Calls 

AT&T sometimes slows down signal strength and speeds at specific times, such as peak times, to accommodate all users and keep them connected.  

  • Check signal coverage at your location using AT&T Network Coverage Map
  • Use the carrier’s troubleshooting tool to try and identify why your phone is dropping calls. You’ll need your phone’s model number to use this feature. 
  • Update your device software to ensure you’re running the most current operating system. 
  • Upgrade your cellular phone and hotspot as the carrier is phasing out a 3G network. Check eligibility before upgrading.  
  • Contact AT&T customer support at 800-288-2020, online forums, or live chat.  

How to Stop iPhone Dropped Calls 

  • Update your phone to fix unexpected glitches. Activate automatic updates to ensure you never miss any critical carrier updates. 
  • Activate your caller ID. Not many iPhone users know this, but activating caller ID could eliminate most call issues, including drop calls.  
  • When the iPhone’s airplane mode is on, it will block your incoming calls. Toggle airplane mode on and off, which might solve your dropped calls. 
  • Deactivate Do Not Disturb, this option turns off your notification alerts and calls when you lock your phone.  
  • Turn off Call Forwarding to help prevent dropped calls, especially on the iPhone X.  
  • Reset network settings. A phone update can cause dropped calls, and a network reset might solve it. 
  • If the dropped calls continue, contact Apple customer support at 1-800-692-7753. 

How to Stop Android Dropped Calls 

  • Update your phone’s operating system and apps. Regular Android updates might fix glitches, including dropped calls. You can also check Google Play Store for the latest versions, updates, or new apps you can use for internet calls.  
  • Reset the phone’s network settings. Software and app updates might mess with your phone’s network, prompting a reset. The reset won’t wipe away your data or apps but will reset your saved network settings and passwords.  
  • Uninstall recent updates. If you notice the drop calls begin or persist after a software or app update, consider uninstalling it.  
  • Activate safe mode. Safe mode lets you check and identify any third-party apps causing glitches, such as call drops. To enter safe mode, hold down the power button, then press and hold down the power off button until the safe mode appears. Tap and restart your phone in safe mode. While here, make calls and check for call drops. If your phone works well, exit safe mode, restart your phone, and uninstall your most recently downloaded third-party apps.  
  • Contact your carrier if the drop calls persist. 

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