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5 Reasons Small Business Owners Should Be Excited About 5G

Posted on 2/25/2022 by Izzy Jack

5G technology is a game-changer not only for individual users but also for the American economy. Current data estimates that 5G will generate up to $1.5 trillion in additional gross domestic product (GDP) by 2025. Research also indicates that next-generation tech will create or transform up to 16 million American jobs. 

As fifth-generation wireless continues to roll out, businesses of all sizes will see tremendous benefits from being early adopters. To stay competitive, small- to medium-sized businesses should familiarize themselves with the incredible opportunities 5G presents

If you have yet to take the steps to incorporate next-generation tech into your operations, then we’re here to show you that the time is now. Here’s a look at the top five reasons SMBs should be excited to integrate 5G technology into their business.

1. 5G Enhances Security

a lockscreen for security and anti-malware apps

As people and devices become increasingly connected, networks demand advanced security protocols. Fortunately, 5G comes with high-density, high-speed, and low-latency performance. Taken together, enhanced network performance means stronger security and privacy controls to protect both small businesses and their customers. 

Compared to previous generations, modern 5G networks come with enhanced user authentication and stronger data encryption. Enhanced technology means that your business can better analyze data, detect threats, and enhance security for end-users on your network. 

2. 5G Improves Customer Experience

The global health crisis pushed SMBs to change the way they do business. Research shows that consumers expect more from businesses today than they did prior to the pandemic. Customers expect seamless digital experiences when interacting with both large and small companies. For that reason, it’s important to recognize that 5G is not just for enterprises. Small businesses can and should look to new technology to connect with their customers. 

Strong network connections improve the customer experience. In our recent shopping small survey, we found that connectivity is incredibly important to consumers. Over 40% of respondents believe that strong cell signal is important to have while shopping.

Strong Cell Signal is Crucial to Shopping In-Store - Infographic

No matter the industry, 5G allows for greater personalization and communication capabilities for small businesses to engage with customers. 

3. 5G Creates an Intuitive Supply Chain

fleet vehicles on the highway

Real-time data is vital to small business success. The pandemic exposed the need for smarter supply chain tracking and logistics. 5G’s enhanced connectivity allows essential, real-time data to move between suppliers, distributors, retailers, and customers. 

In-vehicle telematics require a consistent internet connection to collect accurate data. When these devices work as intended, businesses have everything they need to make data-driven decisions, cut costs, and boost profits. 5G comes with enhanced bandwidth, data rates, and capacity to improve supply chain logistics and communication. 

As 5G becomes more widely adopted, small businesses will be able to provide a faster, safer and more convenient purchasing experience for their customers.

4. 5G Increases Productivity

By leveraging the speed and capacity of 5G networks, your employees will be able to provide faster turnarounds for the job at hand. The ability to see web pages loading in real time, check on the speed of downloads for business-related apps or simply receive and comment on an important business document, all add up when measuring productivity.

From our Return to Work survey, we know that work-from-home is going to remain an option in the post-pandemic world. Whether employees work fully remote or work from home a few days out of the week, workplace flexibility is likely to continue. Faster, more stable 5G connections means that your office and remote employees can work flexibly and stay productive. 

Whether we see this play out in home offices or in your business location, 5G will keep your team connected no matter where they work.  

5. 5G Future-Proofs Your Business

Small businesses and entrepreneurs must keep pace with technology to stay competitive and grow in the coming years. The ability to collect more data, more quickly, and put it to work for your business and your customers is one of many benefits of 5G for business.

From efficiently managing production remotely, monitoring warehouse inventories, and speeding deliveries to customers, 5G-powered technology helps small businesses solve today’s problems. Ultimately, digital-transformation is essential to growth and weathering future market disruptions. 5G enables that transformation. 

5G Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Small Businesses

5G is the next generation of wireless network technology that will fuel innovation, boost productivity, make industry smarter, and transform the way we live, work, and play. In today’s 5G-connected world, weBoost for Business solutions continue to boost cell signal for every phone and cellular-connected device on any carrier network. Our cell signal booster kits are engineered to increase the range and reliability of existing cell signal – including 5G

weBoost for Business booster kits pull outside 5G cell signal inside a building or vehicle, amplify it, and broadcast that improved signal to nearby cellular-connected devices. By enhancing outside cell coverage inside, weBoost users experience stronger, more reliable signal. 

Small business owners have a lot to be excited about when it comes to 5G technology. If you’re looking to enhance 5G connectivity in your small business, explore our full range of SMB solutions.


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