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6 Careers You Can Do on the Road with an RV Cell Phone Booster

Posted on 06/13/19 by Rich Edwards

To say that technology has transformed the workplace is a bit of an understatement. Not only has it changed the way people work and do business; it has revolutionized where we do it from.

A recent study suggests that 52 percent of employees work from home at least once per week, with another 21 percent indicating that they work from home more than once per week. Today it’s common for employees to work from home, a workspace, or wherever they choose.

The data also revealed that employees who work from home at least once a month are 24 percent more likely to feel happy and productive at work than their desk-bound counterparts.

The idea of flexible work options is not entirely new. However, when it comes to redefining the modern workspace—as well as the opportunities for those who find themselves drawn to the flexible

If you own an RV or camper van, chances are your hobbies and interests involve travel. If you have an RV signal booster, it’s also likely that you enjoy technology and staying connected to the outside world with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Your ability to maintain an online presence through your cellular-connected devices could provide your path to several career options that support your travel lifestyle. If you’ve got a strong, reliable cell signal on the road, here are a few remote-work friendly jobs to consider.

1. Freelance Writing

Many full-time RVers and devotees of the “van life” find work as freelance writers. Several companies are in need of talented wordsmiths to write their web copy, marketing emails, sales collateral, and more. Online magazines and other publishers encourage freelance writers to become regular content contributors to their websites. The best part of it all?

Many of these online publications want stories about camping, off-roading, hiking, adventure travel, and other outdoor pursuits that happen to coincide with the on-the-road RV lifestyle.

If you’re interested in finding your particular freelance writing niche, look here.

2. Full-time Blogging

Of course, you don’t have to feel limited to writing for someone else. As a full-time blogger, you share your skills, knowledge, experience, and unique take on life to build an online audience. The great thing about blogging? It doesn’t require a lot of technical know-how, coding skills, or even a college degree. All it takes is a website, some marketing savvy, and persistence.

Many bloggers establish a following and develop their online presence by starting with their immediate social circle by posting regularly on Facebook. Soon, you’ll want to register your own domain name. To get your blog going, a WordPress site might be the right platform for you.

For subject matter, again consider your hobbies and interests in travel and recreation. In time, you may even earn thousands of dollars per month from blogging—making it a viable career. For advice on making money from a blog, here’s some tips from a successful full-time blogger.

3. Proofreading and Editing

Not a writer but have an eye for catching spelling mistakes? Proofreading and editing are other in-demand career options for those working from a Winnebago with an RV antenna booster. With the onset of self-published e-books, you might find yourself editing the next Stephen King.

4. Transcriptionist

If you enjoy typing and happen to be detail oriented, you could become a transcriptionist. A lot of this work involves watching video and turning it into written documentation for businesses.

5. Bookkeeping

For those who are good with numbers and have an accounting degree, bookkeeping is another job which you can do from the road with the benefit of a Wi-Fi hotspot and an RV cell signal booster.

6. Virtual Assistant

Another idea is to be a virtual assistant. In this position, you maintain a daily work schedule with just an online presence. You may find several companies and business owners who are willing to contract your services as a customer service rep, social media specialist, or more in a remote capacity.

Stay Connected with a RV Cell Signal Booster

Hopefully, you feel inspired by these ideas on how to make a living on the road, working from your van or RV—staying connected to the internet by virtue of your RV cell signal booster. If you don’t have an in-vehicle cell phone booster for your RV just yet, check out this article for the best cell phone signal boosters for RVs and trucks.

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