RVing is all about enjoying time in the outdoors, so why not spruce up your RV campsite? In this video, Matt with weBoost shows you how to set up a dreamy, fun RV campsite next to our Winnebago. Using some hammocks, some Luci Solar Lanterns, and a little duct tape, you’ll be the envy of the campground.


To maximize the functionality of our campsite, we used two trees on our site to hang some hammocks. Many campgrounds have rules about hanging hammocks from the trees, so a good alternative to this is using your side mirror as a mounting point. Just make sure it will hold the weight of a person before you go for it. With the hammocks, we were able to use the full campsite space and relax at the Jackson Hole Snake River KOA.

Solar Powered Lanterns

One of our absolute favorite additions to our RV camping gear are the Luci Lights that MPOWERED provided us. These lights are super compact and portable, solar powered, and certain versions of them change colors. These lights were perfect for getting a little bit of extra light or ambiance near the end of the day. We were able to use string and some duct tape to string these together above the hammocks. After a long day of filming and work, hanging out under these lights were VERY relaxing.

Good Connection = Relaxation

A big part of being able to relax at camp was being able to get access to cellular data when we needed it. We were able to do this easily once we set up the Connect RV 65. To learn more about this super-powered cell phone booster for RVs, click the link below.

Connect RV 65

Click here to see more about the Connect RV 65

Hopefully after reading this and watching the video you have some fresh ideas for setting up and decorating your RV campsite! Do you have any must-do’s for campsite decorating? Let us know in the comments!



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