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Stop Poor Cell Reception from Draining Your Phone Battery

Nicholas Jones | April 27, 2017

Tips to improve smart phone battery life

1. The best thing you can do to conserve battery is dial down your screen brightness. 2. Turn off unneeded transceiver features like GPS, Bluetooth and NFC, even Wifi and LTE if not currently needed. 3. Change your app notifications from automatic to manual to cut down on the number of updates you receive. 4. Take care of your battery by avoiding high heat and never letting the battery fully discharge. 5. To avoid battery drain caused by constant searching for signal, get a cell phone signal booster.

We frequently get some variation of the following question:

“I’ve heard that when my cell phone is out of range of the tower it’s constantly searching for signal, and that constant searching drains the battery. So will a cell phone signal booster help improve my battery life?”

The answer:

Yes, absolutely. A booster will collect and amplify that weak, out-of-range cell signal so your phone can use it. This prevents your phone’s constant searching for a signal and the subsequent battery drain. The result: By providing a strong, reliable cell signal the booster preserves your battery life.

Here are some more battery-saving tips for your cell phone use:

1. Dial down your screen brightness

For most of us, our phone’s big, beautiful display will suck away more battery than any other component. So to preserve your battery, turn down the brightness level.

Either TURN ON your phone’s auto-brightness feature to dynamically raise or lower screen brightness based on current local lighting conditions. This should prevent your screen from being brighter than it needs to be, thereby saving power.

Or take the alternative route and TURN OFF the auto-brightness feature, and then turn your screen brightness up or down manually.

This should save battery power because your screen brightness will not automatically rise – you will have to adjust it manually if you need a brighter screen.

Both methods work. But whichever one you choose, you will have to mange your screens brightness to conserve battery life.

We know that’s true because if you activate your phone’s Power Saver mode, what happens? Your screen immediately dims!

2. Turn off unneeded transceiver features

Examples are GPS, Bluetooth, and NFC, as well as the more familiar LTE and Wifi. To preserve battery life turn off those you’re not currently using. Any time you can turn off transceivers you don’t need, you’ll preserve your battery.


3. Cut down on updates

Your messaging apps probably send you a notification whenever there’s a new message or post to view. Ditto for news, weather and other information app updates.

To save power, change the settings on these apps from auto notification to manual. This means you will have to specifically check each app for updates. But the payoff is that it preserves significant battery life.

You may not want to set ALL your apps to manual update. Strike a balance. Leave the important apps on auto-notify and change all others to manual.

4. Take care of your battery

All cell phone batteries gradually lose their capacity to hold a full charge. That’s a fact. But you can slow this capacity loss by treating your battery well.

Most important: AVOID HIGH HEAT. Heat damages all batteries. Don’t leave your phone where it could get really hot. Like in a parked car with windows up during summer months.

Second, if possible never let your battery fully discharge. If you’re under 5% charge remaining, turn your phone off until you can connect to a charger.

Also, remember that low battery is one of the many issues that can affect your ability to get and keep a solid cell phone signal.


Need help preserving your phone’s battery charge? Click below to see cell signal boosters that can help improve battery life.