3. Cut down on updates

Your messaging apps probably send you a notification whenever there’s a new message or post to view. Ditto for news, weather and other information app updates.

To save power, change the settings on these apps from auto notification to manual. This means you will have to specifically check each app for updates.
But the payoff is that it preserves significant battery life.

You may not want to set ALL your apps to manual update. Strike a balance. Leave the important apps on auto-notify and change all others to manual.

4. Take care of your battery

All cell phone batteries gradually lose their capacity to hold a full charge. That’s a fact. But you can slow this capacity loss by treating your battery well.

Most important: AVOID HIGH HEAT. Heat damages all batteries. Don’t leave your phone where it could get really hot. Like in a parked car with windows up during summer months.

Second, if possible never let your battery fully discharge. If you’re under 5% charge remaining, turn your phone off until you can connect to a charger.

Also, remember that low battery is one of the many issues that can affect your ability to get and keep a solid cell phone signal.


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