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Do I Need a Professional Installer for My Cell Signal Booster?

Posted on 5/24/2023 by Meredith Pond

It’s clear that a strong cellular signal is crucial for today’s businesses to maintain effective communication and seamless operations. Cell signal boosters are an easy, permanent solution for enhancing signal strength without changing carriers or adding to your monthly bills.

Your building likely experiences cellular dead zones, a system from weBoost for Business is a no-brainer. You have to decide if you want to hire a professional or do the installation yourself. In this article, we’ll explore the installation process of a cell phone signal booster and compare DIY and professional installation methods.

Professional installation for businesses

Professional installation of your weBoost Office product saves time and makes the process quick, smooth, and easy, unlike DIY installation. Here’s how it works:

Order your booster: When you order your booster from weBoost.com, be sure to choose the weBoost Installed | Office 200.

Schedule installation: When you receive your booster kit, follow the included instruction card to schedule your installation. Our nationwide team of installers serves every zip code. It only takes a few minutes to schedule your installation. We can typically schedule it within a couple of business days.

Our professional does the work: Your installer will confirm where you need stronger cell signal and conduct a short site survey. Over the next few hours, they’ll install your booster system in a way that will maximize your results in your unique space and show you how your coverage has improved. The seamless setup process takes approximately 4-6 hours without causing any disruption to your business operations.

Enjoy instant results: Once installation is complete, all cellular devices in your building will instantly be connected to the boosted signal. Every professional installation comes with a 60-day service warranty, so if you’re not completely satisfied, a technician will make it right for no additional charge.

DIY Installation vs Professional Installation

Benefits of professional installation

Having your cell phone signal booster professionally installed by ordering the weBoost Installed | Office 200 offers some distinct advantages that can greatly enhance your results.

Expertise and experience: Professional installers are certified experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in installing cell signal boosters. They understand the complexities of different business environments and can provide customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

A professional installer knows how to pinpoint the nearest tower to get you the strongest possible signal. In short, their expertise ensures your system is correctly installed and optimized for maximum performance on every carrier.

Customized setup: Professional installation provides a customized, powerful, and reliable cellular connectivity solution that’s tuned and optimized to your building, tailored to your unique environment. This means the best possible in-building coverage.

Professional installers have the expertise to identify the best locations for external and internal antennas and cables, ensuring optimal signal capture and distribution within your building. They’ll perform a site survey to assess signal strength, identify potential obstructions, and strategically position the antennas for the most effective coverage. This ensures that you, your employees, and your customers receive the best signal.

Time-savings and convenience: By opting for professional installation, you save valuable time and effort. Trained installers handle the entire process, from site assessment to final testing, allowing you to focus on running your business. You don’t have to worry about gathering tools, climbing ladders, or dealing with technical intricacies. The convenience of professional installation minimizes disruptions to your business operations.

Reduced downtime: Professional installation is typically faster and less disruptive compared to DIY installation. Certified installers efficiently install the system for minimal downtime. This is particularly crucial for businesses that heavily rely on uninterrupted cellular connectivity, such as customer service centers, healthcare facilities, or retail stores.

Guaranteed performance: With professional installation, you receive a performance guarantee from weBoost. If you encounter any issues with the system’s performance, the installer will promptly address and resolve them. This guarantee ensures that your business experiences reliable and consistent cellular coverage, giving you peace of mind.

Professional installation means you can rest assured that you have a powerful, reliable solution to dead zones.

Professional appearance: A professionally installed cell signal booster system not only functions optimally but also has a clean and professional appearance. Installers are skilled at concealing cables and ensuring that the installation looks neat and tidy. This attention to detail enhances the aesthetics of your workspace while improving cellular connectivity.

Approval and compliance: For both you and your landlord, compliance and safety issues are paramount. If you are operating your business in a leased space or shared building, professional installation may help streamline the approval process.

This is because landlords or building managers are often more receptive to professional installations, as they can ensure proper practices and minimize potential damage to the property. They understand that a certified professional can install your system to meet all applicable codes and safety standards.

The above benefits of professional installation are significant. For example, consider a small medical practice that requires seamless cellular communication for appointment scheduling, telemedicine consultations, and quick access to patient records.

With professional installation, the antennas can be placed to minimize equipment interference while maximizing signal strength for doctors, staff, and patients. Power supplies will be properly run for safety and code compliance. Plus, reliable cellular performance is guaranteed with minimal disruption and a clean look, so doctors and staff can focus on patient care.

DIY installation for businesses

DIY installation can save your business money but does come with some complications. If you decide to install your weBoost Office product yourself, you’ll want to go into it with your eyes open. Here’s a checklist of things you’ll need to be able to do for a successful self-installation.

Check your current signal strength: You’ll need to use signal strength measurement tools – such as a professional signal meter or the app provided by weBoost – to assess your existing signal strength.

Gather the right tools: Ensure you have the required tools for the installation process. If not, you may need to purchase them, which adds to the overall cost. You’ll need a ladder, drill with specialized bits, hooks and mounts, and RTV sealant for your roof penetration.

Use your handy skills: Since DIY installation demands a level of comfort with power tools, climbing ladders, and drilling holes, you’ll need to be sure you have the necessary skills and are comfortable with those tasks.

Find the optimal location for the outside antenna: Identifying the best spot for the outside antenna is crucial for capturing the strongest signal. Keep in mind that you’ll likely be mounting the antenna on the roof, which requires careful work and a proper seal.

Properly place the inside antenna: For the best performance, it’s critical to place the inside antenna in a spot where it will provide strong signal throughout the building.

Run cables inside and mount the inside antenna: After choosing the best location for the outside and inside antennas, you’ll need to run cables from the outside antenna through the roof or an outside wall to connect to the inside antenna.

Power on the booster: You’ll need to follow the included instructions and/or installation video to ensure the booster is powered correctly and troubleshoot any issues yourself.

Test the improved signal strength: It will be your job to conduct tests to verify the booster is properly installed and configured for maximum signal enhancement.

DIY installation takes time

DIY installation can be time-consuming, potentially taking several hours or an entire day. Naturally, this significant time investment can divert your focus from running your business.

Additionally, there is a risk of mistakes and setbacks that can further delay the process and impact your business operations. For example, improper antenna placement or interference may result in suboptimal performance. The overall time investment or unexpected hiccups can impair productivity.

Moreover, DIY installation involves drilling holes and running cables throughout your workspace, which can create a messy environment and inconvenience to customers and employees. Before deciding on a DIY installation, consider how the process could impact your commercial space or small office. There could also be an impact in terms of a less polished installation appearance.

If you’re renting, you’ll need your landlord’s approval before installing. Obtaining that approval may be much easier if you’re having your system professionally installed.

Consider your needs and expertise

A cell signal booster can greatly benefit your business by enhancing cellular connectivity. When deciding whether to opt for professional or DIY installation, consider your business together with your expertise and comfort level.

While DIY installation saves money, it comes with a time investment, disruption, and risk of setbacks. Professional installation provides convenience, speed, optimized performance, and a performance guarantee. All things considered, professional installation may offer you better value.

Solve your sell signal issues for good the easiest and most convenient way with weBoost Installed | Office 200. Designed with businesses in mind, this booster strikes the perfect balance between power, convenience, and affordability. Its robust capabilities make it suitable for almost any commercial environment, while the added benefit of professional installation guarantees a hassle-free experience.

Order online or talk to one of our experts to get the ball rolling.

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